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TRADITIONAL HOUSING HAS A NEW PROTAGONIST > teaching you how to sell effectively

Have you ever felt like Michael Douglas in the traffic jam scene in “Falling Down”? I’m sure you have, especially if you have good taste. To all of those, especially those who are suffering daily, this uprooting of our daily lives seems incomprehensible. Your business, due to various reasons, [...]

DON’T GIVE UP > If you have a plan, I have one that will complement it

When they limit you, you have to play within those limits, an analogy is excellently demonstrated by Dennis Rodman. While not a technically outstanding player, he never gave up, and always kept trying. You can watch some examples. We have all had enough of the horrible virus, and I don’t know about [...]

REAL ESTATE OPTIMISM vs CATASTROPHE > wisdom, action and hope

We all agree: we are living in unprecedented times.In such a crisis situation, there are two possible stances to take: The pessimist and the optimist. The pessimist is dangerous in that he does not leave any space for hope, however the optimistic does not [...]

Real Estate Developer; How to become close with your client in times of social distancing

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the trend with selling houses was clear. The client wants to buy their future house, not you are selling them. Clients need to have autonomy and freedom when making decisions. If they are in need of information, inform them. In the meantime, offer them the tools to completely captivate them with a [...]

The path between the classical architecture model & the 3d model (part II)

The Fountainhead, 1949 In the previous article, I wrote about the first models, their users and the corresponding applications. Today I write about the 3d model of the 21st century, which I would distinguish into two large groups: Emulating techniques of the traditional model and the new paradigm. [...]

The path between the classical architecture model & the 3d model (part I)

Donald Trump in 1980, with a model of Trump Tower.Photograph by Don Hogan Charles / The New York Times / Redux The architecture model is a tool of understanding. It serves to reflect on the volume, space, project, construction, It is neither good nor bad in itself. There [...]

The 5 reasons to make a good architecture animation video of your project

Real Estate actor, do you usually do a good architecture animation video of your project? Each moment in history has had its preferred communication medium. From the “word of mouth”, the press, radio, television and now the Internet have all been means to receive and transmit information. Today, in [...]

The “real estate illusion” of using for the first time a house

It is, without doubt, the most important purchase of your life. Some lucky people may dream about the project of a detached house. 3d architectural visualization allows the future buyer dreams twice: the first one when the virtual project is shown. The second one when the house is delivered: "the [...]