Social media is not the place to sell houses for Real Estate Agents. So, why do I mention it?

I mean, in the social networks you’ll never close the sell.

They help you to sell, the same or more than in other more classical channels.


You, real estate developer or agent, have to play with the combination of these three fundamental virtues in the selling process.

There are many kind of clients but, most of them, in the biggest purchase of their lives, they don’t make the last step the first day.

Although the decision will be taken with the heart, his head tells them that they have to think.

That the seller should not run. You have to be patient.

The experience of the seller tells him when is the precise moment to accelerate the process. When it’s necessary to “push” the client to provoke the decision making. To do that, there are several ways and we’ll talk about it other day. Take advantage of the opportunity is crucial and directly depends of the other two concepts : patience and agility.

The sale operation is not a closed act. It’s not a box of biscuits with a price tagged that is chosen or not.

For you, the sell of this house is only one more but, for the buyer, is the most important one of their lifes. You must have the enough agility to adapt to each individual situation. If you don’t do it, you will sell worse and less.

These are my general thoughts up to this point talking about real estate social media.


For some time now, social media is part of our lives and, obviously, part of the real estate social media.

The real estate developers who understand the functioning of these new customer relationship channels have more chances of success. Otherwise, the possibilities are reduced. It is a fact.

For me, these are the 5 most common mistakes:


This error goes beyond the scope of the social media and its use.

It is not necessary to confuse the moment of the marketing with the moment of the sale. If you go forward and confuse both moments, you will lose your sale. You need to work the confidence of your potential client

RE Agent, before beat (sorry, sell) you have to convince Click To Tweet

There will be time to turn the mode sell on.

Before, you have to work the marketing process and that includes both: the real estate social media and the most traditional actions.


One of the most common errors when entering the Socialmedia, is to interpret this new channel, as a new invasive channel (PUSH).

It is not a new way to launch our ads and wait the 500,000,000 Facebook users collapsing our lines requesting for a house. Nothing further from the truth.

You have to ask the key questions: which are answered in the brain and the heart.

But mostly, you do not push. Let they pull it (PULL). Make the necessary steps to give the chance to better know you, showing your past histories or how do you prepare the projects. But, please, don’t talk only about you.

This is the main thing : talk about THEIR interests.


Also it is a reflection before to the use of the RRSS.

Everything is reduced to a thought:

“RE Agent, you have to think how your ideal client is and give him what he needs and wants” Click To Tweet

Only then you will be successful.

If you do in the reverse way, perhaps your floors will be fabulous but it will cost you much more to find buyers.

Once you have defined the ideal client, choose the social media network where you’ll find them and raises the appropriate strategy in each one.

The usual mistake is to open profiles of our company in all the social networks imaginable, “have much presence” and thus succeed on multiple fronts.

This strategy only leads to a lack of results and loss of confidence in the real estate social media.




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It is an obsession linked with the traditional way of selling. It is apparently free (if you don’t take in consideration all the time that must be spend to prepare all the strategy) and, that “advantage” is confused and the repetition of the message is exploited to the maximum.

In this way, you only get boring the future client. He will be immune to your messages.

I believe a good tip is to treat the future client as an individual. Please, don’t delude yourself thinking that you talk to a community and the percentage of those who listen to you is small and therefore the only valid strategy is the insistence.

Actions such as the press announcements and the real post mailing use this way of doing things. Remember : PULL vs PUSH


It is normal, the real estate business has to play with the time factor.

To major sale in less time, major profitability.

That’s why the impatience is always present in the real estate business.

This need for results is incompatible with the time that you have to invest in social media.

As soon as the MISTAKE 1, the one related to the confusion between marketing and sales, was overcome, we have to let time take its course.

You cannot claim that anybody buys only because you insist him.

You have to transmit confidence and it requires time and effort. Your mission is to understand your ideal client. Make see that you aren’t only worried selling him an apartment. I would dare to say, even, when it should not true.

To do that, it is recommended that we use our share channels with an 80-20 ratio.

80% of communications related to the interests of our customer and 20% of our interest to get benefit of the client.

Please, think about it and be honest with yourself and your social media strategy.