If you are a RE Developer and you work in Zaragoza, you surely know about this new exclusive promotion.

The promoter got the maximum points (now I’ll explain it to you).

The #luxury housing development, admits to invest more than usual in its presentation. You have to transmit value for both parties. In other words, you sell at a high price but, to justify it, you “give” the client the presentation that your project deserves.

Gestión Común understood this operation in this way. I applaud them for being right.


Flying with the #dron > explained the privileged location perfectly > 30 points.

With the interior sequences > he showed the spaciousness of the spaces, larger than usual > 20 points.

By being faithful to the representation of the materials > showed that it was not just another construction > 10 points

With the entry of light at different times of the day (and also at night) > transported the prospective client to a very attractive place > another 20 points

With the attention to detail, beyond the architecture itself, they provoked the aspirational desire to want to live there > another 20 points

They made video and not just images > and with that…they got to the #heart of the client: the place where they make decisions > 40 more points.

In total, 140 points!

Are those 140 points worth the investment in the presentation?

Yes, it does.

You may say: “They would have sold it with just images” Maybe.

But do you think it’s worth taking the risk of not selling so quickly?

Well, I don’t think so.

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