A very important part of the success or failure of a real estate marketing campaign can be related with the choice of the architectural rendering studio.
The images or even animation done by this company, will be the primary base of your communication.
When you want to close the most important “purchase” of your clients, the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, acquires its value.

Even more, if we talk about a video instead of still images.

If I were in your shoes, I would think on these 5 key points:






1. Experience and price of an architectural rendering studio

It seems the fact could be reduced to a technical matter and, anyone who would know how to read plans and use a render program, can do the job. If you want excellent results, obviously, this is not true.

It seems the fact could be reduced to a technical matter and, anyone who would know how to read plans and use a render program, can do the job. If you want excellent results, obviously, this is not true.

As happens with all professional fields, the experience is a degree and must be paid. Rather, you have to pay it. Nothing happens. 

You should not take your decision based only on price. It is a very common mistake.

Someone without experience, can get you into trouble and create a an uncomfortable situation with a very negative impact on your calendar of sales.

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If you’re thinking to order an animation of your project, don’t do it with anyone. It is the most effective product for sale that an architectural rendering studio can offer and, at the same time, the more committed.
Check their portfolio of previous works. You never must admit any ethereal promise. Verify the previous results for others. In that sense, look for the social proof (testimonials) of other customers will allow you to make the decision more safely.

2. Technical and human potential

For your peace of mind, you need a solvent company in the technical section.
Each time the computers are faster and more powerful. However, depending on the type of work, a single computer will not be able to cover your expectations of speed and quality.

You can find many companies able to make still images. To make animation, the number of options goes down and, in this type of services, beyond considerations and stylistic finishing, the technical expertise is essential.

A company who can make great still images, at the same time, maybe, it could no offer to make an animation.

It happens with all applications, I don’t care whether accounting or 3d applications:
Each day, the learning curve of the applications is shorter, which does not guarantee optimal results. Within obvious limits, the quality of the work is defined by the workman not his tools.

You must appreciate the versatility of the human team.

If we talk about architectural visualization, I really recommend you that an architect would be your partner in the company contracted.

The architectural projects usually are not finished to the level of detail needed to be visualized. In order to take good decisions with these information gaps, you must have a human team able.

3. Speed and flexibility

I know it : you have a calendar that you want to keep and, if there are last minute changes, end of history. The company you choose must have that capacity of reaction almost immediate. But, please, be honest. One thing is that the company has this capacity of reaction and another very different, that you take advantage of this virtue and not to stop requesting changes.

Usain Bolt running with the background out of focus

Remember it : you must be inflexible in the deadline.
It is a pity that, with this attitude, the final result is not compromised.

The process of visualization, although one might think otherwise, is more artisan than automatic.
If the visualizer request you for an extra time, do not deny. It will be worth the effort.




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4. Price and budget closed

When the negotiation is based on the honesty of both parties, perform a tight budget does not have to be a problem. If each one, customer and architectural rendering studio, accepts the responsibility for the errors committed, you can set a budget closed.

You have to fix the reach of the services, as far as possible, to avoid surprises on deadlines. Only the serious companies are able to commit to your customer in this aspect.

Even if they negotiate hard setting limits, will be more reliable than those that don’t put any trouble in any aspect with your chosen archviz company.

5. That extra

This is one of the most important factors and difficult to evaluate.
This is something intangible that an archviz company offers and it distinguishes it from the rest.
It’s, probably, a combination of the previous points and… something else.

The difference, the fact which makes the images of your project be memorable.

The shades that will distinguish your project of the rest. This capacity of seduction you need to offer your project as something unique.

Very few companies offer that little bit more. If you find it, you’ll repeat for sure.