It is, without doubt, the most important purchase of your life. Some lucky people may dream about the project of a detached house. 3d architectural visualization allows the future buyer dreams twice: the first one when the virtual project is shown. The second one when the house is delivered: “the real estate illusion” becomes true.

Benefits: branding

The developer who understands and facilitates this process of seduction, gets a double benefit:

He creates the real estate illusion and captivates the buyer.

For sure, you should meet expectations “virtually” transmitted. Create a brand image of your company that endures over time. It is a benefit in the short and long term. The happy client with his detached house project, transmits it. He is as the ambassador of the company that has allowed him to fulfill his dream.

Render night shot of a single house detail by GAYARRE infografia

Worthwhile effort

Unless the detached house project has a large budget or it is not unique (in the case of a real estate development with multiple equal housing) the effort to 3d architectural visualization is not efficient.

However, when you talk about a group of housing project, things change. The architectural visualization effort is similar and yet, the impact per housing is lower.




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Render of a block of flats by GAYARRE infografia

The concept is the same. The developer must not lose that perspective. Although the project were of subsidized housing, the real estate illusion of the buyer is the same or greater.

It is the purchase of his life, his dream.

Common mistake: not selling real estate illusion

Unfortunately, when everything was going well and was easy to sell flats, architectural visualization services were not seen as necessary by many developers. It is understood if the strategy is short term. It was a common mistake since the buyer rarely repeated. The developer disregarded selling the value of the brand and, consequently, the process of seduction had no continuity. The customer, if he was not well treated, lost its activity as speaker of the real estate developer. He could even become a negative speaker.

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We think it is now, in times of crisis, when architectural visualization services should be requested in greatest need.


Developer, always remember, when you sell a housing project you do not sell bricks, you SELL ILLUSION.