Frequently Asked Questions about GAYARRE infografia

Here you’ll find the answers to the frequently asked questions that we had received at GAYARRE infografia for over 30 years.

If they are not enough and you need to resolve any further questions, please write me to: or call us at (+34) 876 241 247.

We’ll respond you immediately.


Each client and project has an own history.

So,we have no rates.

There are several factors involved when we draft a budget:

  • Delivery Date
  • Quality of information provided
  • Scope of the project
  • Level of Service (basic-intermediate-premium)
  • Different spaces to visualize.
  • Lighting situations (night, day, evening, …)
  • Number of images and / or minutes of animation
  • Need of custom 3d modeling service
  • … and many others

We like to define it as:

“We are a tailoring”

Send us a list of your needs and a description of your project along with the basic technical plans in PDF format. We’ll elaborate the budget you need. We are not the cheapest but we are not the most expensive either.

I’m sorry but no at present, and, thinking realistically, neither the medium term. You’re welcome to send us your CV to but honestly, is not in our plans to grow nowadays. If that time comes, we’ll advertise it in social networks and relevant 3d sites.

Absolutely none. We are supported by the results obtained working for clients all over the world, such as HOK in St. Louis and Cesar Pelli in Santa Monica.

We never see each other in person. Have no doubt about it.


If needed, we are able to achieve brilliant results with very little information provided only if we have the confidence from you to make decisions about undefined aspects of the project. In general, we recommend that you define the project as better possible. With that method, we’ll get more efficient results for both parts.

Sorry, but isn’t a problem, is a company philosophy decision. We were hired to make pictures and / or animation, but the intermediate related files are our property and under no circumstances are transferred to the customer.

Initially NO without our express consent talking about projects of other clients

Yes, if we reach an agreement on how, where and why.

Yes, if we’re talking about YOUR project. There are no limitations in this case for sure.

Our communication with you will be fast and effective. We can work with remote clients in the same manner as if they were sitting next to us. You will enjoy the process and how we set the relation between all people members involved in the process (marketing, architect, developer, …).


For many years, the answer to this question was yes. Today is not the same. In exceptional cases, we can “work to success.”

An example: If you want our services, the cost is X. If we decide “risk reversal work” option, the initial cost is X / 2 but, if you get the first prize, the cost is directly, without any extra work, 3X. But honesty, it’s not the kind of collaboration we like the most.


Our attitude is always looking for positive and full customer satisfaction.

This fact doesn’t mean that we work for free.

If changes are beyond our responsibility and they result of errors or deficiencies in the provided information, we always charge for the changes. For this reason it is so important that we receive the information when the project has been defined better as possible. Running before, it could mean stop or repeat later, with the obvious consequences of late delivery and an extra avoidable charge.

We are reasonable but we hope you will be too. On a certain stage of the process, make changes is not allowed free of charge.

Yes. We always try to do our best.


It’s up to you. Usually 4000×3000 pixels. The higher the resolution, we need a little more time and budget.

Until recently we delivered our work always on photographic paper and digital format. Nowadays, we deliver the images in digital format.


Sorry to repeat myself, but it depends on the size and complexity of the project to represent. Our experience allow us very fast offering with very high quality.

Yes. If we determine that a job takes 10 days to perform under normal conditions, if we do it in 5, we’ll need to double the budget. This is just an approach.


Yes, and also animation. Tell us in detail your idea and we’ll talk about it.

It depends on level contracted, the definition’s degree varies, going from BASIC to PREMIUM.

We’ll make it to your specifications with an extra cost obviously.


Yes. It depends on the client’s needs.

Of course, for more than 30 years, we have worked for architects around the world offering them those kind of images. Even we ourselves have participated in countless contests. We know what you need based on the composition of the jury and the place of presentation.

No. The unit cost decreases progressively if we display the same space or building with the same lighting conditions.

Of course, the first photomontage we did it was done 30 years ago. 

Normally yes. Otherwise, we suggest us to direct the process.

No. Generally, the effort required for an interior image is higher than the outdoor one.

No. The nightly images are much more laborious. Sometimes, they could cost the double.

Basic project technical plans in pdf format.

For developers:

The full project in DWG format delivered with our technical specifications.

Also: Description of materials, photos, etc.

The more we receive the more we are able to give.

For architectural competitions:

The basic project in DWG format delivered with our technical specifications.

Also: Description of materials, photos, etc.

The more we receive the more we are able to give.


It depends of many factors. If you look at our section VIDEO, without being binding, we could talk around 1 month / minute, so, the answer could be 3 months. Again, let’s talk about the features of your project and we’ll be more precise.

Yes, it is very laborious, but we can do it. You can check that kind of work looking this video.

We haven’t fixed rates. Tell us about your project and we will be very specific in your budget.

Yes. It is the most advanced level of our services.

Let’s talk about it. Before, I would ask:

Where your presentation is going to be displayed? What network? What DVD? Both?

Each channel has their most suitable format.

Usually we work in HD (1280×720 px) but we have also done works in Full HD (1920×1080 px)

Although we are not recommended for any of the two parts, you can make changes whenever they occur simultaneously these three conditions:

  1. More time
  2. More budget
  3. Lack of time commitments with other clients.

Through our intranet, you must give the nod to the still images before creating the animation. That’s the better way for all.

Depending on the level agreed with the client.

No. If you need these services, we aren’t the company you’re seeking for.

While we like challenges, we are also aware of our own limitations. Obviously, we can’t  nor we want to be Pixar . If you need these services, we aren’t the company you’re seeking for.

While we like challenges, we are also aware of our limitations. Obviously, neither can nor want to be Pixar. If you need these services, we are the company seeking

Many doubts can be instant solved reading the testimonials of some of our clients.

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