The most useful tool to accelerate your sales is the architectural animation

For a few years, architectural animation has become a key partner of real estate developers.

If you want to watch more works…




Using a language that everyone understands, audiovisual, two key task can be accomplished: to explain and seduce.

If both occur simultaneously, the goal can be achieved: to accelerate the purchase decision.

1 minute of video has the same impact on an audience as 2 million words. [Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research].

Compared to text, visual data is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain.  [Nonprofit Hub]

55% of the population consumes online video every day. [HighQ].

44% of users find video commercial messages less intrusive than TV. [IAB, 2017]

In 2016, on YouTube, users watched more than 500 million hours of video every day. [Business Insider, 2016].

The number of videos viewed on social networks exceeds 8 billion every day. [Social Media Today, 2016]

User stay 2.5x longer on web pages with video content. [Mist Media Reports – Wistia].

People retain 95% of a message when they watch it in video compared to 10% when they read it in text.

Video is shared 1200% more than image and text combined. [BrightCove]

100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day.

81% of marketing and sales executives plan to run a video marketing campaign in the last year [Hubspot (2018)].

52% of marketers worldwide recognise video as the content type with the best ROI. [Adobe Blog – Invodo Video Statistics, 2014-2015-2016].

The use of video in email marketing campaigns can increase CTR rates by almost 100% [Mist Media].

Brands that use video marketing increase their annual profit 49% faster than brands that don’t use it. [Aberdeen – Vidyard report 2015].

Inserting a video on a website’s homepage can increase conversion rates by 20% or even more. [Reel SEO]

We know how bad you feel when…

… your commercial agent lacks the visual tools that your client understand: images and architectural animation video.
… the competitors do has those tools and they use them.
… you have to try to explain with an architect’s drawing and not appear that your flat is like everyone else.

Our animation solve these problems and some more

For a long time our clients do not suffer selling. It is a fact: with our animations, you sell faster and convince better.

Joaquin Torres architect

A-cero architects

Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares

“We know the architectural animation work of GAYARRE infografia from a while ago, when they made a video titled ALONE of one of our houses in Marbella.

It’s not by chance that, this video, was nominee to the CGarchitect Awards of 2013.

A few weeks ago, we proposed, among others, the team of Juan for the realization of a promotional architectural animation video of a a rehabilitation’s project in the center of Madrid.

We would like to highlight both the quality of their images as their elegant camera movements.
The ability to show the virtues of the project with his animations, make them a persuasive tool, a seduction tool.

Both, the property and us, we are extremely satisfied with the result and we look forward to continue working with them in upcoming projects“

Our services are perfect for you if you…

… know you have to invest more to earn more and they see us as an investment and NOT as an expense,
… have a project that allows that investment,
… understand that making architectural animation they will sell flats faster and financing costs will be reduced,
… or you want to increase the value of your brand.


Our architectural animation service is unique because…

  • We are a company with experience since 1989.
  • Look for architectural modeling companies that make architectural animation. You will find that we are very few offering this service with the guarantees required by your project.
  • We offer you dron flights used to insert your future project as it was already built.

  • We are a company with experience since 1989.
  • Look for architectural modeling companies that make architectural animation. You will find that we are very few offering this service with the guarantees required by your project.
  • We offer you dron flights used to insert your future project as it was already built.
  • We were nominated for 2013 CGarchitect Awards (the Oscars of architectural animation visualization) for our short film alone.

  • We exceed the most advanced standard of image quality by far. We “cook” the render but increasing the final result with effects and postproduction.
  • Beyond technical considerations, we capture the essence of your project and create magic to seduce your client.

I know what you are thinking: “All say the same thing”

But we were there since 1989, we got it and we continue offering the same results.


These are the benefits that you will enjoy if you order us an architectural animation…



you will accelerate the sales to the top



you will leave a positive impression on the client, even if they do not buy



you will discover a new way to sell with less effort.

You will feel more relaxed and secured in your business



you will see that animation is synonymous with efficiency



you will ennoble your brand for less than what you think

Moreover, as a digital product,

the possibilities multiply:

  1. You will be able to send an email including a link to the architectural animation.
  2. Your website will become the best showcase.
  3. If you make an app, you can include in it.
  4. Give a pen drive with your architectural animation.
  5. If you share it in social networks, you will get a high spreading.
  6. Your showroom will become a magical place and the halls of your prospects, an extension of it.

Another success story > EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008

Water spectacle "El hombre vertiente"

More than 10 years ago, the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) landed with a job.
It is the international body responsible for choosing the suitable cities to host a show.
Its previous decisions were unwise and by 2008, the turn was to Trieste, Thessaloniki and Saragossa.

The choice was very thoughtful.
They could not fail again.

In successive presentations, each city contributed their credentials.
We contributed our animations to the success of Saragossa and we are very proud of it.

Francisco Pellicer

Francisco Pellicer

Alma pater Expo Zaragoza 2008

“Saragossa has fantastic people who are extraordinary professionals.
I have the chance to meet many of them in the development of urban, environmental and cultural projects.

Today I want to emphasize Juan Gayarre whom I met 10 years ago through their architectural animations.
I wondered then where was the secret that made his images so seductive.

I soon realized that it was not only the sophisticated computer processing in terms of graphics, but also the enviable space management,
typical of a good architect, and the aesthetics quality of a sensitive and content artist.”

Other clients talking about our architectural animation video work…

“Juan Gayarre, architect and architectural visualizer expert, has been decisive in terms of expertise and quality to many projects in which 023 audiovisual have needed visualizations related to architecture for their productions.

We have collaborated in projects for the Government of Aragon, Expo Zaragoza or the Government of de les Illes Balears.
The results have always been excellent.”

David PuigDavid Puig Amorós, CEO at 023 CONTENT & MEDIA

“Quality, professionalism, respect and trust.
That is what Juan inspires. When you start a project with him, you know it is going to be fine. Impeccable work. Understood commission.
And compliment timing.
What more can you ask for? Expensive of cheap? That is always relative, it isn’t?

Silvia HernándezSilvia Hernández, Account Director at Bassat Ogilvy Comunicación

“Juan is, first and something that I am proud of, my friend.
Second, an architect with knowledge and sensitivity. And finally, an excellent professional working images.
Architectural visualization is not just a material to teach but also to work and develop a project.

Working images with a good architect is to receive a new view, intelligent and understood, which edit and move forward the proposal.
We collaborated in the project of Paseo de la Independencia, a complex and controversial one for reasons beyond architecture

Initially, the council commissioned some images to another team who were not able to explain the change of the urban character: from road to pedestrian.
They did not help, quite the opposite.
With the reform of the project, we all were aware of the need to anticipate images not only true, but also capable to grasp the intended environment,
we could count on urgent Juan collaboration.

His still images and animations did manage truly reflect what would be the project and the feelings that were sensed.
Then we worked together again in the Parque Del Agua, a work that was a jump scale for us.
I appreciated his work then, because it facilitated ours, and I take now to keep thanking him.”

Iñaki Alday and Margarita Joveraldayjover, Architecture and Landscape

“We, as a building company, wanted to show the prospective client, visually,
How their building would be built his building from the site in its initial state to its delivery.
We needed a building professional and also specializing in architectural visualization.

Juan Gayarre meets both requirements, he is a well-known architect and capture in visualizations what the client wants to see in a realistic way.
Their images were site visits where a camera were making snapshots of the construction process of the building

In view of the results obtained with the snapshots, we took a step further and concatenated all of them,
so we made a short video where you were able to see the building constructing on the site.
The result was spectacular.

The customer were able to see their building built and completed before the building work.
Congratulations Juan, to show our prospects how to run their building from the perspective of a construction, because,
so far, there were only images of the finished building.”

Pedro GonzálezPedro González, CTO at Conavinsa SAU (Grupo Prainsa)

“The mix of architect and expert in the architectural visualization world with his patient and affable nature
make the work of Juan Gayarre and working with him always a pleasant and reliable result.
Quality, reliability and “savoir faire” define Juan.

bncAnna Boneta, Benecé Produccions

“Images by Juan Gayarre for our study have always been of an exceptional quality.
And not only for strictly visual aspects, which are always outstanding,
but also for their ability to quickly grasp the essence of each project and to promote the virtues of each proposal,
including providing ideas that enrich our projects. ”

Javier Belda architectJavier Belda, architect

“I am privileged for, over 15 years, working with Juan Gayarre in communication projects for real estate and urban development.
In addition, for nearly 10 years, we have shared office and, of course, many hours.
Throughout all this time of close relationship with Juan I realized the extent of the concept of “commitment to excellence”.

Far from complacency, in which he could have been installed under his highest professional level,
Juan study, research, test, analyze, observe, reflect … to make things better every day.

When I think I’ve finished work, I remember Juan and I put it in crisis trying to improve it, looking for a quality bonus.
Thanks for everything.”

José Ramón MañeruJosé Ramón Mañeru, Mañeru & Asociados

“Since the genesis of what once was the Consortium Pro Expo Zaragoza 2008, until today, I had the privilege of participating performing the functions of Head of Communication & Press. More than 10 years in which, undoubtedly, Saragossa has achieved one of the biggest goals in several respects.

I have witnessed the different tasks required prior to the International Exhibitions Bureau in Paris, and Juan Gayarre has been working for his architectural knowledge, applied to visualization, have determined the success of the Spanish candidacy in the international arena.
I think there is little to add.

Thanks to Juan Gayarre’s works, which fill with pride an urban development, the Ranillas river gate, will be remembered in Saragossa and Spain by history.”

Ricardo MartínRicardo Martín Tezanos, Head of Communication of Expo ZGZ Empresarial

the architectural animation VIDEO service includes…

  • Realization of 3D modeling of all elements involved in the different scenes of the project: architecture, landscape architecture, decoration and accessories.
  • Texturing and lighting of each scene.
  • Choosing and buying the soundtrack.
  • Editing and final post-production of both each sequences and the final architectural animation result.
  • Supplying of digital file on the required resolution for playback on different media.
  • All rights for distribution and reproduction without limitation.

furthermore, you will enjoy these FREE EXTRA BONUS:

  • If not provided, we’ll make the interior design of all the spaces with no extra charge.
  • Development of the “story board” is on us. We just need to know your preferences and needs at the beginning of the project.
  • For each minute of animation hired, you will receive 10 extra seconds of architectural animation for FREE.



Do you really think that, nowadays,

a SINGLE image of your real estate development is enough to sell your flats as fast as you need?

Are you sure you want to sell as before?

Without thrill? With boredom?
With nonexistent or very very slow results?

Remember that if we collaborate with you, it does not have to be like that.



If you want to contact me to tell me about a project in which you would like we collaborate,
send us an email to

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Explain me a bit of the matter and how you think we could help you.
I will answer within 48 hours and we will find a date for a first conversation and, after that,

I’ll send you a real and efficient proposal.

Thank you very much!


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