The paradigm change selling a house

Although many developers still yearn to return the old days, I hope it is not your case selling a house.

I do not mean in reference to the market upturn.

I mean how to sell. Please remember. Think about how you have sold your real estate developments historically. You will be used newspaper ads, radio even television, print brochures, made deliveries or worksite, etc.

All these actions have something in common: they are PUSH actions.

What does it mean? They are push actions, invasive.

An example: television ads. We are watching a movie and it is interrupted with ads.

This has changed. An example is travel agencies. Only people with difficulties to handle internet, continue to go to agencies.

That is, people no longer need to be convinced, they want to choose without being overwhelmed by messages.

So it is called PULL.

You must be left yourself pull

Trying to summarize it in one sentence, you must change your behavior:

your product is no longer sold, your product must be purchased.

You have to create the expectation necessary to make your housing desirable and start in the right way the process selling a house.

They have to ask for it, not that you have to tell your client about it.

We do not know how, but, it is a motivating idea, isn’t it?

Initially it seems that it will mean less effort. And it will but not short-term.

Creating this need does not arise effortlessly and without a good strategy.

Hand knocking on a doorknob

If you get it right, you will be much more likely to close the sale from the beginning because the prospective buyer will come to you, not vice versa.




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The art of being desired

For this, as in everything, you must learn how. It is not learned in four days. However, if you extract the best from your previous experience and find your way, selling will become a pleasure. It is an art that few dominate but it is worth trying. Among other things, because if you do not do it, others will.

In fact, they are already doing it.

But how do I do to selling a house?

The sales process is extensive. We cannot limit it to:

I advertise > they are interested > I expose and convince > they buy > goodbye > the following, please.

That already ended long ago.

Just as pre-sale and post-sale actions (we will talk about them another day) are performed, working in SN needs a special strategy. Always linked to shares in the 1.0 and, of course, thinking that given the apparent asepsis of networks, we are talking to people. This is very important.

We should seek to be close enough to get the confidence of the prospect.

If our message becomes an institutional aspect, the client will read it distant and his approach will be difficult. He will have a cautious attitude.

Big brands have been doing it for some time. Some of them better and others worse.

Do you think your brand is quality and you want to be perceived like that?

Are you taking steps to create synergies with your prospect?

Aren’t you? You go astray. Notice how other real estate companies are doing it and you will begin to understand what I mean.

In the next post I will give some hints on how to start.