“Renders are very expensive” say some #promoters #real-estate developers.

We both know that it is an important investment but “saving” on this step, in the end, comes out more expensive.

But how is your SALES PROCESS?

Your client wants to know where he is going to invest his life savings as precisely as possible.

For you, it’s just another flat, but for them, it’s EVERYTHING.

Your client is increasingly digital and knows how to search and find you.

Therefore, before talking about promotional content, we must talk about the PLATFORM. A well-positioned website is essential, as is a presence on social media.

Once they have found you, you must activate their #TRUST from the very first moment. That’s where quality first-time viewing comes in.

If you excite him, you have a better chance of retaining him.

You haven’t even spoken to him, but #VISUALISATION IS ALREADY #PROFITFUL.

You’ve inoculated the desire factor.

It’s not about selling to him, it’s about getting him to buy from you.

You have to ask him about his concerns and resolve his doubts to try to SOLVE HIS OBJECTION.

But the strength of the visualisation will be with you throughout the process.

If it is of quality, you will transmit brand value and that alone, even if you don’t end up selling, will have been worth your investment.

Our clients don’t hire us because we make a fantastic video of their future promotion.

They do it because of the TANGIBLE RETURN they get both in the attraction and in the final decision of their client.

Have you skimped on resources by checking that you missed an opportunity?