Selling a RE development means selling more than just bricks.

In this project, that was our priority objective.

To transcend with our work the “aseptic sale” of bricks to reach the heart of the potential client.

This objective is infinitely more feasible to achieve when the client understands the strength of video as an emotional communicative tool.

The potential customers of this promotion are mostly non-Spanish residents. We did not have to transmit them only the characteristics of the promotion itself.

We had to emphasise the positive consequences of living there.

That is why, by means of a very studied planning, we “wrapped” the offer (the properties) in a gift wrap: the aspirational details of living in this area of the Costa del Sol.

Tomorrow I will show you this “gift wrap” > the video.

Today only this image.

Many thanks to Urbincasa and, in particular, to Francisco José Cervantes and María José Florenciano for placing their trust in our work.

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