I know it is a very discouraging situation.

You have managed (with a lot of effort) to bring him into your territory. He is sitting with you, very close. You calmly tell him everything and finish.

Then comes one of the most important moments in the process: his reaction. And…

…nothing happens.

He is as excited as when a traffic light turns red.

You may not have lost all their trust, but you have lost their attention and, above all, their enthusiasm.

This is a dramatic moment that is difficult to fix.

From then on, you don’t shut up.

You try to make up for lost ground but it’s too late.

You have disappointed him.

He expected more from you and your company.

He gets up and leaves. And you, once again, regret that you didn’t get it right.

Well, you see, that terrible moment, it can be otherwise.

At the beginning we thought that when we handed over our work everything was done, but it wasn’t. The most important thing was missing: the most important thing was the most important thing: the most important thing was the most important thing. The most important thing was missing:

Your client’s reaction after watching the video.

Suddenly, the magic happens and… wow!

Something changes in your client’s face. His neutral face becomes friendly. He even smiles a slight smile. He turns and looks at his partner. You both want to find out if you are feeling the same thing.

Your client has started to generate lots and lots of endorphins 💊 without knowing it!

Remember: you don’t pay for the work it takes to make a quality visualisation, but for the effect it produces.

In the past, have you experienced a similar situation, and did you resolve it?

Tell me about it.