Hey, do you prefer to entrust your project to an experienced architect or to a recently graduated architect who is showing great potential and who everyone is talking about?

You know that the latter will be very willing because he wants to prove how good he is, but…

RE DEVELOPER : …but nothing. I wouldn’t dream of it!

JUAN : But why? You’d save a lot of money and with your supervision I’m sure he’d do well. That kid will give his all for your project. For you it’s just one more, but for him it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Don’t you think so?

RED: No, Juan, no! Do you know what’s at stake? Do you know what I’ve invested in the site?

I prefer to pay more but have the security of working with someone with experience.

You know well that making a good project means being aware of many things as well as making a facade that you like.

J: Yes. But…

RED: I’m not gambling.

J: I understand. But then, why did you commission those youngsters to do the infographics on your last project?

RED: …

J: Did they do well?

RED: Yeah, they’re fucking great. Didn’t you see them? Don’t tell me they’re lame.

J: Actually, they’re not bad. But tell me about the process.

Did they start the project on the date you told them?

RED: No. I had to wait about 3 weeks even though they told me they would start earlier.

J: So, did they deliver the work on the agreed date? How late were they?

RED: F*ck, how did you know they were late…another 3 weeks. They had no judgement to make minor decisions and needed, when it wasn’t necessary, supervision at every step.

J: Now tell me, what did those delays that forced you to go on sale late mean for you in terms of financing? And sales?

RED: Don’t talk to me! I haven’t quantified it… but I’m sure it was a lot.

Besides, we were almost in August and there was no one left here to sell to.

J: So, is it OK if we talk about the infographics of this project so that everything fits you perfectly?

RED:… As soon as I have the project, we’ll sit down.

This has happened to me a few times, I’m not joking.

Don’t take a gamble with someone with no experience.

They will be able to make images that work for you but they will probably not meet your deadlines and that will destroy your investment time.

Of course you will have to invest more but you will also earn more because you will sell sooner.

Have you had bad experiences in the past because you saved money on infographics?

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