The other day I sat down with a developer client and we decided to crunch the numbers.

We wanted to know the cost of a quality visualisation and its impact on the overall accounts of their development.

The project will be a beautiful building of 30 flats in a middle area of the city.

With your expertise we made these numbers:

The plot cost you 2.000.000€

The construction will cost you 5.000.000€

The project 300.000€

Licenses, taxes, etc. 200.000€

Overheads 150.000€

TOTAL 7.650.000€

Although there are various types of flats (he likes to do things right), he believes he will be able to sell them for an average of €300,000, which will be around €9,000,000.

That’s about €1,350,000 profit before tax.

Remember, these are big numbers.

That’s when I told him about my numbers and this was my promise:

By investing 2% of his profit (about €27,000) we would accelerate sales by 6 months and reduce the financing time.

My “client-friend” was very surprised.

He did not expect such an impact per house.

In the end we did the project and the “fine numbers” worked out so well,

we are already talking about the upcoming project.

Do you think these numbers are well done and do the math work out?