Did you have troubles hiring an architectural rendering company in the past? This article will help you.

In any contractual relationship, there is no problem if there is good will on both sides.

The problems, if they arise, are easier to solve if everyone has a predisposition to be fair and assuming its part of responsibility in the process.

That situation, unfortunately, is not as common as we would like.

These are the recommendations that I suggest to my client before hire an architectural rendering company :

1 | Think about the project’s globallity

Whether the requested services are STILL IMAGES as if it is VIDEO, any budget has to take into consideration the scope of work from the beginning.

Normally, the more services are required, the lower the individual cost of each.

This logic is well understood with the example of a physical model:

if you want to take a picture of a model, you have to make the whole model to take the picture. If you want to make 10 photos of it, the cost of building it is divided by 10. Although the amount of 10 images is greater than one, their individual cost is much lower.

Subsequently, you have to consider, from the beginning, which material you will need for the marketing process. For example: 2 exterior images, 4 interior and an 2 minutes animation. In addition to lower the individual cost of each image, you will simplify, from the beginning, the work plan of the visualizer. You will facilitate the process and that will benefit everyone: you and the architectural rendering company.

2 | Set a schedule of deliveries and partial payments

By the process of making images and animation, the viewer prefers to deliver all in the end and at the established deadline.

However, as the process, depending on the complexity of the project, can take weeks, you want to get the information back gradually.
Thus, you must not wait until everything is finished to start your marketing actions.

Come to an agreement about the calendar with the 3d rendering company. Something like:

⇒ Start of work

⇒ 15 days after the start delivery of exterior images

⇒ 30 days after the start delivery of the interior images

⇒ 60 days after the start delivery of the animation

It is even more advisable to set other intermediate deliveries to verify that all is running out well.

This schedule should commit both parts in the delivery of the work and in its partial. payments

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3 | Establish rules for possible changes

It is very difficult for a project is clearly defined from the start. The project, by definition is alive and could suffer changes. What you have to understand as a client is that this risk can not be assumed by the architectural visualization firm. The company can take care of its mistakes but not the ones that are derived from changes in the project.

It would mean to work two or more times. Besides the effort, an inevitable increase in time devoted to the project is produced, therefore, the delivery date is affected. You must think that can affect the timing of the visualization company with other clients.




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4 | In architecture, do not start until you have the defined plans

Our experience tells us that none of the two parts are interested in being in a rush. It is more preferable to think a little about everything than start and “then we’ll see on the fly” what we decide. That time seems lost, it is gained quickly in the visualization process if the information does not change.

5 | In decoration, two alternatives: project or trust on the architectural rendering company

The visualization company  can be a good one and have a lot of imagination but you can not ask for miracles.

An ideal situation is to provide a complete interior design project. Although the cost will be higher, you make sure the result will like you, if the company has the ability.

But usually, you will not make that effort.
You’ll want to delegate the interior design decisions in the 3d rendering company and then make changes. These changes will be very expensive.

I would recommend that, at least, give indications of how you want to have the interior design. A collection of Google images can save many hours of work and minimize lot of errors. This is an usual practice in the best architectural rendering companies.

6 | Reduce the number of “pundits”

It is true that four eyes see more than two, however, an excessive number of “pundits” can block the decisions.

Decisions related to technical issues (materials’ information, construction details, etc.) are usually solved with quickness with the architect.

There are usually more problematic issues linked with the interior design, texturing and even lighting of the scenes.

You have to think that changes in the interior design are closely linked to each other. The color change on a carpet can cause problems of coordination with other elements of the scene as sofas or curtains.

I recommend that even you talk about it with different people, at the end the talker should be a certain person.

Although my best recommendation is to find the best architectural rendering company in which you have confidence to delegate. You have to think there is not a unique solution for an excellent decoration. Do not focus on a given solution. It will cost you more time and money without improving the final result.

7 | To sum up, a full stop should be marked

Linking with what I have explained above, you have to learn how to say stop.

Sometimes, perfection is not reached by thinking too much the things.

Trust on the professionals who have been long doing this.

Focus on other parts of the process. Learn to delegate, everything will be better.
As you can imagine, if you trust on us, you even do not have to think about these seven keys ideas.

Time will prove this, you’ll see.