When you talk to the client about the values of your project, put yourself in their shoes.

At first they think that you are telling them a lot of bullshit.

“Seeing is believing”, as St. Thomas Aquinas said.

Your client needs proof that makes him trust you. You know you are telling the truth but, until the work is finished, the client is not completely sure.

You must anticipate the final result and a video is perfect for this.

I have prepared one for you, grouping together the VALUES that our clients wanted to highlight in their projects during 2023. The values that can be highlighted through images instead of boring unconvincing speeches.

The sequences and what they convey are:

DRONE FLIGHTS > demonstrating the precise and honest location that is not visible on Google Maps.

DOMOTICS > the extra equipment you offer for them to appreciate without having to say a word.

TERRACES > so they can see where they can relax outdoors.

SWIMMING POOL > who doesn’t want one, let them imagine how they will cool off.

LIGHT > the decisive argument that makes homes more welcoming…

…and a few more that you’ll discover when you watch the full video.

If you’re inspired and your speeches aren’t buying it, maybe a video will help.

Send me a private message and we’ll work something out.