I work as a translator for a living.
I translate 2D plans and build 3D models.

It is often thought that you are either born with “spatial vision” or you are not.

There are people (many of my friends) who find it impossible to interpret a plan.

In the first two years of my architecture degree there was a subject (the damned Descriptive Geometry) that educated the brain to interpret the three dimensions of space.

In my case, I have to admit that, at first, I couldn’t see anything.

But, I don’t know how, one day my brain clicked!

From that day on, after a lot of effort wracking my brains, everything became obvious,

everything became obvious.

Thanks to that (well, and other things) I ended up being an architect.

I can assure you that in the 80s I didn’t even think of becoming a 3D designer.

And now, you see.

The first necessary step for them to buy from you is that they understand the space you want to sell them.

Once this first, more cerebral phase has been overcome, the magic of the video will make the sale easy and friendly.

And you, do you find it difficult to interpret the plans?