He doesn’t like sand.
He hates roasting in the sun.
He can’t stand people shouting at him.

But of course, Marta, his wife, has her parents’ flat on the beach.

She understands the advantages. It seems free even though she has expenses.

With their two kids, it has served its purpose. It was a perfect place when they were little.
Besides, although he didn’t like it deep down, he also enjoyed the guaranteed sunshine and the little places to have a beer. Come on, it wasn’t bad.

But now the kids have become kids and he worries about them going out.
He also did it when he was young, but now he’s in the role of the long-suffering father.

Summoning up his courage, he has proposed a radical change to Marta.

She knows that what he really loves is the mountains.

You know, we are all divided into beach or mountain, omelette with onion or without.

He would love his holidays to be spent walking in the cool.
You’ll sweat too, but it’s a different kind of sweat. The kind that comes from exercising, not from lying down.

He has seen a promotion that suits them.

Marta looks at him and smiles.

Juan continues to tell her.


It’s 2 hours from here (he speaks in the present tense, not in the conditional).
It’s really cool!
Lots of wood. Impeccable views.

Can you imagine having breakfast with these views?

Besides, it’s not in the village. It’s on the outskirts, so it’s even quieter”.

He has managed to get her attention.

Then, Marta asks him:

“But what’s it like inside?
I’m sure it’s a small and cramped flat”.

“No way, not at all! Juan replies.

“It has sloping ceilings and wood panelling.
Yes, the kitchen is integrated into the living room, but I love it that way”.

“It’s an important decision, Juan.”
“I know Marta”

“The truth is that I can imagine myself enjoying it there.
Besides, we’ll get more out of it because we’ll be able to go there in winter too”.

“Of course”, says Juan.


This weekend we’re going to see the site”, she says.

“Besides, even if you don’t hear the waves, you’ll hear birds.
Can you imagine reading while sitting with those views?”

What a heavy yesssssss!

That Christmas they spent for the first time in Llosas, near Benasque.

Here are the images that Juan and Marta sent me.