There are phrase that seem untouchable. Sometimes they acquire the character of proverb.

One, perhaps the most unshakable axiom in a business relationship is this one:

“The customer is always right”

In case of the real estate client…I’m sorry but NOT ?

Where and when was that phrase born?

Its origins are uncertain. The famous slogan was first used in the early twentieth century in the emblematic stores of Marshall Field in Chicago (now Macy’s). However, in the UK was popularized by Harry Gordon Selfridge in his stores in London. As Selfridge worked for Field between 1879 and 1901, it is almost certain that either of them is responsible for coining the phrase. These entrepreneurs did not seek the phrase was taken literally, but the customer would feel special, instilling in their personal the willingness to behave as if they always had reason, they had it or not.

No, it is not easy

It is not easy to maintain the opposite. The face of my clients when I tell them they are wrong always coincide. It is a mixture of surprise, controlled anger and arrogance. Do you know that face, don’t you? It is a predictable response.

In most cases, the damn phrase is really into Western mercantilist mindset. You do not remember when you first heard about it, but you all have heard it and you will remember forever.

It is based on the power relationship between the contracting part and the contract worker.

No doubt it is a very malicious approach. Perhaps it satisfies your client’s ego but in many cases, not the results.

It is worth it

Therefore, we are very clear about it: we bring more if we say that a there is a mistake than if we are silent, we just finish the work, collect it and see you.

When real estate client see us as an ally and not as a submissive executor of his orders, the process and the results are very satisfactory. It is worth it.

Haka of New Zeland rugby team

However, we see the opposite continuously. When in a marketing meeting, the various participants have the “head” in front of them, meetings are less satisfactory. It is logical. They are on salary and the last thing you want is to lose your job. We are on salary, but less. That fact gives us more freedom and we believe our real estate client (or real estate agent too) appreciate it in the long run.




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Take a risk and you will win

We also are mistaken, certainly!

However, we have very positive experiences when brainstorming are raised openly. Take a risk, forget stereotypes.

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Trust the professionals that see your project from a distance, without the pressure of risking your money. They sure enrich your final decision.

They are more than 30 years working with developers with a single purpose:

selling their homes faster and better.

We have learned something and we would love to tell you.