It goes without saying that I do not consider myself an expert, far from it, in the matter. The world of social media for real estate is not something you study, you learn and you start being successful. No way.

I have three years on them and every day I learn something new. I see how I was wrong and after a few weeks, I check new mistakes.

However, you also learn. Therefore I dare to speak today about social media for real estate. The decision of which are more interesting depends on many factors. But long before that, you have to think about:

– What is our plan of global, online and offline communication.

– Deciding who will take care of managing the online presence

– How many people will be in charge.

– Determining who is your ideal customer.

– What message and how we will spread …

… And many more things that do not fit in this post. About how to do it, we will talk another day.

Today I want you to see it clear: you must work your online presence.

Where is your customer?

That’s right, everywhere. Everyone needs a place to live. Depending on the characteristics of your real estate development, you can target and be more effective.

To a greater or lesser extent, it has always been present. It is likely that your actions have been structured in the 1.0 … (maybe you have heard it, well, real life)

It is time to focus their actions to 2.0. But why?

Most importantly, because your client is there.

Because your customer is already tired of being bombarded with intrusive messages.

Because he likes to search and compare without being badgered.

The client looks for and decides, he do not want to be offered. This is happening and if you “are not” in the social media for real estate, the false appearance that you do not exist is created. It is not enough with “being” (big mistake), in addition we must also act with a well-designed plan.

Of course many of your customers are not nor will not be in the 2.0 and they will continue to visit your sales office and see their billboards, because they do not know how to use internet and neither know nor want to hear about Facebook.




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But do not be barled, the natural tendency is that every day, every hour, the way to approach your customer effectively, is based largely on your online presence and action.

This does not mean you have to start from scratch. Not at all. Nor to forget traditional actions that have given such good results in the past, but if you do not change the chip, simply you will not exist for your client.

Your client is there and he will find you. That is the idea.

Another day I will talk about HOW TO and HOW NOT TO, in my view, raise your presence in social media for real estate. Trust me.

Think about what I have told you, talk to your marketing advisors and ask them questions.

Then it will become clear.