When it is time to seduce, architecture human SENSES are fundamental

In architectural visualization, SIGHT seems the most important one.

Sometimes when you like something you say “it enters the eye”.

However, other architecture human senses can be just as important.

So, if we make an animation, SOUND is fundamental. We talk about the soundtrack and special effects. Do not forget the revolution that marked the transition from silent to sound films. Subsequently, the different sound projection systems, have led us to increasingly immersive situations.

TOUCH is one of the inherent shortcomings of architectural visualization of buildings. Therefore, traditional mockups still make sense (the sense of this sense). 3D technology is an attempt to realize the intangible. You put on glasses and it looks like you can touch. However you cannot. The same applies to the holographic techniques.

Regarding SMELL, there was some attempt. The New World (2005), directed by Terrence Malick, is the film with more effects of history. You will only be able to appreciate in some movie theaters. In this link, you can see a description of the system used.

Although certainly with the TASTE they also wanted to experiment, I cannot imagine how.

I suggest you contemplate these 21 great photos of EYES by Suren Manvelyan, specialized in macro photography and portraits.

They are splendid landscapes in miniature.