Did you imagine before why, all of us, we feel attracted for the 3d films?

What’s the reason?

This is one of those terms that cause confusion. It is not the same talking about the process than the result. Let me explain it.

Initially we will talk about movies and we will do it with an example. For the production of animations as Avatar, intensive work in 3d is required. Building scenarios, texturing elements, lighting, animating the characters, etc. This work process is called 3D animation. You can visualize this film in two ways: 2D or 3D.

Avatar characters

The work was done in 3d but the screening of the projection of the film could be seen in 2D (same as ever) or 3D (with glasses).

Why “were” we attracted so much to see these 3d films?

There are many reasons and each one must choose yours.

We are examiners

All of us, greater or lesser extent, want to check the plausibility of what we see. We consider ourselves as the universal filter in possession of the truth.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Are you an expert to determine whether a 3D animation is “well done” or not. We look closely.

You like to be surprised

At the same time, I want to be tempted. We search in novelty, surprise. For this reason, Hollywood producers have entered the dynamics of “anything goes” to surprise. And anything does not go.

The faces of our children

Perhaps it is the main reason. Enjoying their faces of admiration and surprise, is priceless.

baby surprised

Well yes, a very high price at the box office. The truth is that even they tire of 3D animations.


In the end, what has to be appreciated is the story. Children do it and we do it.

The script and the excitement is above technique.

Without realizing it, we are very demanding.

Except as wonderful exceptions as the mentioned Avatar designed for and with this technology (because we wanted to be wrapped in this parallel world) every time I see less 3D animations. I do not think they have a future. But they got success in the past.

What will be the next step in Hollywood?