Do you want to incorporate cloud time lapse skies into your sequences?

In most of the sequences you work on, you will use static, sunny or cloudy skies.

However, sometimes the story board may force you not to. Either because you want to make a timelapse effect in the atmosphere of your scene by color themes, or simply, by a narrative that explains the simple passage of time, you will need the sky not to be static.

For this purpose, one of these two options is commonly used:

  1. By using 3d or even 2d programs, you can generate these skies artificially, or
  2. Cloud time lapse real footage is used to incorporate it into a separate layer in post-production.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.



  • The own parameterization necessary to generate them, gives you a total versatility of results.
  • The obtained result is free of the impediments that we find if we film them of the nature such as buildings, airplanes or birds.


  • Although these programs are becoming more and more sophisticated, don’t ask me why, but I distinguish them from actual filming. They have something that doesn’t make them natural.
  • They are programs that, apparently, give us all the freedom in the world. But, if we don’t have a clear criterion of how clouds and light “work naturally”, they can give us unsatisfactory results.



  • If we have a wide variety of footages (that’s why we always suggest the acquisition of our collections), we will have total freedom of choice.
  • We do not need any knowledge of 3D animation or nature to choose the one that best suits our needs.
  • We do not need a powerful computer to achieve results of the highest professional quality.
  • The time required for integration into the scene is just a few minutes. In short, it is very easy to use and extremely fast to implement.
  • Being natural, their verisimilitude, do not generate any doubt in the viewer about their realism.


  • We need to get footages that allow us to integrate them in layers in our post-production. We can do it ourselves (I guarantee it takes a lot of time and patience) or buy them from SbyGi ;)
  • Sometimes, we may not find exactly what we had in mind.




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Why should you buy them here and not elsewhere or even download them from YouTube?

The reason for the birth of our SbyGi was precisely the difficulty that, for years, we suffered in the search for resources like this.
If you search on the internet, of course you will find time-lapses of skies. However, these are the fundamental reasons that will make you choose ours:


I’m sure you’ll find a lot, but most of them are “Gone with the Wind” style.
Our variety in moments of the day, types of clouds and speed of the same and also, all in one place, will make us the reference for your needs.


After filming the skies, we put them through an exhaustive post-production process to clean them of imperfections such as flying birds, buildings, airplanes, etc.
In addition, we stabilize the sequences to give you the highest possible image quality and that you only have to drag to your editing program and place it in the corresponding layer and order.


You will find movies in 4K but watch out for the price of the same. All our films are made in 4K and full HD.


In the event that you finally find what you want, you will see that this difficulty is paid for. Our prices are much lower than any of our competitors.
You can see it in this comparative chart that we have made.


You will choose the sky you need in minutes and the incorporation to your sequence will be done in record time.
That, in the moments of maximum agobio you will appreciate it a lot and you will give us the thanks. That time is worth a lot of money.

How can I use these footages in my work?

If you’ve come this far you probably know how to use the resources we offer you in our store.
Maybe that’s not the case and you need some help. Don’t worry. With just a few minutes, you’ll quickly become an expert.

If you click here, you’ll find out how easy it is.


If you want to incorporate clean and optimized skies in motion to your sequences, you don’t know how to generate them artificially in complex programs or you don’t have time to film them yourself, in SbyGi you have to your disposition a great variety of them. With the best price on the market, you will dedicate only a few minutes to incorporate them into your production without also needing a powerful computer.