Do you want birds video footage with alpha channel flying in the sequences of your video production?

As you well know, except in nature documentaries where ex-process birds are filmed, all other film and television productions use post-production to incorporate birds video footage with alpha channel flying into scenes.

A good realization makes the spectator think that these birds were flying at that very moment. But the reality is very different.

For this purpose, one of these two options is usually used:

  1. By means of a sophisticated work in 3d, models of birds and their movement are configured, or
  2. Real footage is used to incorporate it into a separate layer in post-production.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.



  • Total freedom of flight. We can make the birds fly wherever we want without limiting their distance to the spectator or their spins and pirouettes.
  • Environmental integration. The 3d model is illuminated like the rest of the scene and is fully integrated into it.


  • The work of both 3d modeling and parameterization of the movements is extremely long and complex. Imagine if you don’t want to place 4 if not hundreds of them. You have to be an expert to get a convincing result.
  • It requires high knowledge of kinematic animation, of the own anatomy of the birds and their movements.
  • We will need to work with high-end computers to check their suitability and final rendering.
  • Any change requires repetition of the rendering calculation and many hours of parameterization.



  • If we have a wide variety of birds video footage with alpha channel (that’s why we always suggest the acquisition of our collections), we will have total freedom of choice.
  • You do not need any knowledge of 3D animation or of the nature of birds and their movements.
  • We don’t need a powerful computer to get top quality professional results.
  • The time required for integration into the scene is just a few minutes. In short, it is very easy to use and extremely fast to implement.
  • For bird flights away from the spectator they work perfectly.
  • They are real flights of birds and, consequently, their movements are totally credible and do not generate any doubt in the spectator about their realism.


  • We need to get footages that allow us to integrate them in layers in our post-production. We can do it ourselves or buy them in SbyGi ;)
  • You won’t be able to fly the birds close to the viewer. Normally this option is not necessary unless your name is Alfred Hitchcock.

Why should you buy these birds video footage with alpha channel here and not elsewhere or even download them from YouTube?

The reason for the birth of our store was precisely the difficulty that, for years, we suffered in the search for resources like this one.
If you search on the internet, of course you will find birds video footage with alpha channel included. However, these are the fundamental reasons that will make you choose us.


You may find some footages of birds, but if it’s a resource you want to use regularly, you’ll soon be limited by a lack of variety.


I’m not saying you can’t find them, but all our filming is done in 4K and full HD.


In order to be able to incorporate the flying birds video footage in an independent layer, you will need the filming to be previously worked so that it is possible.
Otherwise, you will be forced to incorporate your birds along with the sky on which they were recorded and that will not always be what you want.
Our bird films are ready to be incorporated into your post-production in a separate layer. Find out how to do it here.


In the event that you finally find what you want, you will see that this difficulty is paid for. Our prices are much lower than any of our competitors.
You can see it in this comparative chart that we have made.


The variety of options that we present in our (yours) SbyGi, allows you, in minutes, choose the flight of birds you need and its incorporation into your sequence in record time.
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How can I use this birds video footage with alpha channel in my work?

If you’ve come this far you probably know how to use the resources we offer you in our store.
Maybe that’s not the case and you need some help. Don’t worry. With just a few minutes, you’ll quickly become an expert.

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If you want to incorporate birds in the front of your sequences, you don’t know anything about them and much less how to animate them you don’t have time to film them yourself, in our store you have at your disposal a great variety of them to do it dedicating only a few minutes and without requiring, in addition, a powerful computer with the best guaranteed price of the market.