Do you need to incorporate a real tree video footage with alpha channel or hundreds of them to your composition?

The incorporation of vegetation to your sequences is a very demanded and effective requirement.

You can be lucky that your filming already has that vegetation or that you have the knowledge and hardware to do it in 3d.

But what can you do if not?

For this purpose, one of these two options is usually used:

  1. Use 3d programs, or
  2. Have real footage to incorporate into a separate layer in post-production.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.



  • The own parameterization necessary to generate them, gives you a total versatility of results, even moving its branches and leaves.
  • The result obtained fits perfectly with the lighting conditions of our scene as we have absolute control.
  • Using the libraries of these programs, we can represent practically any specie.


  • Large hardware resources are required for parameterization and rendering.
  • They are applications that, apparently, give us all the freedom in the world. But if we don’t have a clear criterion of how clouds and light “work naturally”, they can give us unsatisfactory results.
  • 3D tree libraries are not cheap and if we want versatility and freedom, we will have to invest a lot of money.
  • This solution can be valid to simulate the existence of a few trees. There is an important limitation when we want to incorporate hundreds of them into our scene.

OPTION 2 – REAL TREE video footage with alpha channel


  • If we have a wide variety of footages (that’s why we always suggest the acquisition of our collections), we will have total freedom of choice.
  • We do not need any knowledge of 3d animation or nature to choose the one that best suits our needs.
  • We don’t need a powerful computer to get professional-quality results.
  • The time required for its integration into the scene is just a few minutes. In short, it is very easy to use and extremely fast to implement.
  • Being natural, their verisimilitude, do not generate any doubt in the spectator about their realism.
  • You will be able to incorporate hundreds or even thousands of them without any apparent effort whatever your hardware.


  • We need to get footage that allows us to integrate it in layers in our post-production. We can do it ourselves (I guarantee it takes a lot of time and patience) or buy them from SbyGi ;)
  • Sometimes, we may not find exactly what we had in mind. Exactly the same as with 3d models.
  • It requires some post-production work to make a color correction in coherence with our scene.




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Why should you buy them here and not somewhere else or even get them off YouTube?

The reason for the birth of our SbyGi was precisely the difficulty that, for years, we suffered in the search for resources like this.
Now, both, computers and the ram needed to work in 3d, are more affordable but a few years ago it was simply impossible.
If you search on the internet, of course you will find tree video footage with alpha channel. However, these are the fundamental reasons that will make you choose ours:


I’m sure you’ll find it, but you’ll have to search and search through a multitude of places to find what you need.
Our variety of species, the force with which their leaves move and even their lighting, and all in one place, will make us the reference for your needs.


After filming the trees, we put them through an exhaustive post-production process to clean them of imperfections and we get a practically perfect alpha channel.
All you have to do is drag the sequences to your editing program and place it in the corresponding layer and order.


All our films are made in 4K and full HD guaranteeing a very high degree of detail.


In order to be able to incorporate the moving trees in an independent layer, you will need the filming to be previously worked so that it is possible.
Otherwise, you will be forced to incorporate your trees along with the sky on which they were recorded and that will not always be what you want.
Our tree footages are ready to be incorporated into your post-production in a separate layer as it incorporates alpha channel. Find out how to do it here.


In the event that you finally find what you want, you will see that this difficulty is paid for. Our prices are much lower than any of our competitors.

You can see it in this comparative chart that we have made.


You will choose the trees you need in minutes and the incorporation to your sequence will be done in record time.
That, in the moments of maximum agobio you will appreciate it a lot and you will give us the thanks. That time is worth a lot of money.

How can I use these footages in my work?

If you’ve come this far you probably know how to use the resources we offer you in our store.
Maybe that’s not the case and you need some help. Don’t worry. With just a few minutes, you’ll quickly become an expert.

If you click here, you’ll find out how easy it is.


If you want to incorporate clean and optimized trees in motion to your sequences, you don’t know how to generate them artificially in complex programs or you don’t have time to film them yourself, in SbyGi you have to your disposition a great variety of them.

With the best price on the market, you will dedicate only a few minutes to incorporate them into your production without also needing a powerful computer.