3d walkthrough HD work

For the first time, we have done a 3d walkthrough project in HD. The format of this resolution is 720p. As many know, the number is to indicate the 720 of horizontal lines of resolution of the screen and the letter p is from progressive scan.

To sum up, the resolution used on 720p is 1280 x 720 pixels resulting in 921,600 pixels.

The animation resolution we used so far was PAL, with 720 x 576 pixels, a total of 414,720 pixels.

Comparing the quantity we realize that one is almost twice the other one.

It is great because we got to see much more defined all the details of the 3d walkthrough but… this has a cost.

Rendering process, calculation of images, becomes slower and consumes more resources on computers. Even so, the most difficult thing is to explain it to the client. L

Anyway, it is necessary to take this step, PAL is being deprecated, everyone wants to see things in HD.


Being a newly created district in the city, it was necessary, first, place the real estate developments.

To do this, from orthophotos, we approached the area to, subsequently, convert that orthophoto in a plane on volumes were growing and the corresponding three blocks of flats were marked.

As the district is in the process of building great real estate developments, but the common areas are already developed, we also used this schematic vision to locate them.

Successfully, the client wanted to use that fact to explain that the area was consolidating and this was a remarkable value in convincing the sale. Another thing is that, unfortunately, the time of year and the “youth” of green areas did not offer at the time of recording the best appearance. Furthermore, it is expected that, at present, the image has improved.

Animated objects inside the 3d walkthrough

The project was practically the same but in three nearby locations. A sober project. When we face the 3d walkthrough of buildings like that, imagination has to start up with more force than usual. Therefore, we use resources that would help us to the ultimate goal: tempting the potential buyer. That, for whatever reason, “something” has to develop inside him and push him to desired to live in that place, in that building.

People walking

render of a street with buildings




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Some time ago we wanted to improve the technique of animation and visualization of people. No, we are not talking about the facial expressions and perfectly articulated movements of the animations of movies we see with our children. We need much less. But still it is difficult for us. Many times we feel it would be likely to leave “empty streets.”

We force ourselves to try it and the addition of people walking or moving slightly, at a distance from the camera, was satisfactory.

Trees in motion

3d trees in movement inside cg sequence
Real trees footage in movement inserted on cg sequence

We took advantage on this project to take a step further with the vegetation. When we want to visualize vegetation and the camera moves with a certain speed, the imperturbable calm of the trees is relatively important. This time we started to move the trees. We explored our limits and we believe it was worth it: the result was very good. On our last 3d walkthrough work we have explored another possibility (we will talk about that another day). It’s the use of real video footages of trees. I recommend you to visit the TREE section of our STORE by GAYARRE infografia. I’m sure you’ll imagine the ways this option could open to improve your results.


video footage of real birds inserted on cg sequence detail

We did not invent anything. The resource of birds flying is and will be very recurrent in architectural visualization. We have never done it and it seemed interesting to incorporate it in this case. To do this, we modeled and animated a flock. At a distance is more than convincing. After this great effort of setting up these flying movements, I promise you : the best option is insert them using real footage videos of birds. You can find these birds flying in our store.

House interior

On this occasion we do not try to visualize, exhaustively, all rooms of a standard dwelling. Customer interest were focused on seeing how would be the living room. Passing in a same shot from artificial lighting to a natural one, we recreated the interior of the room.

render of living room
render of living room

I hope you liked it and you feel like sharing it.

I already advance that the post of the next 3d walkthrough project will surprise you. For its realization we used the video montage of real and virtual scenes. ?