thrill, no doubt, they should excite

Normally, the criterion that governs a real estate developer is another one: to explain.

He wants that architectural rendering images to help in explaining his project to the person concerned. The only tools he has are plans and verbal explanation. Therefore, he needs at least an idea of what does not exist.

I have said it before, but it bears repeating. The real estate developer, when he is in “sales mode”, has to think that in front of him it is a potential client willing to make the biggest investment of his life. You or the person in charge of sales, should never forget the situation of that potential customer.

Emotion vs data

All decisions of the human being are taken emotionally, I insist on it, all of them.

Definitely we will need data: cost, delivery schedule, quality of the house, financing, signal to the booking, area where it is located, etc.

However, all these data will have no relevance to the decision without first provoking something fundamental in our interlocutor: desire. That reaction difficult to measure that drives us forward. It is essential that, from the beginning, the real estate developer revitalizes that reaction. And that, I assure you, It is impossible to get with data, it is achieved with images or, even better, with a film of your project.

If you are able to thrill that person interested in your flat, you will have 75% of the sale made.

But if he is not thrill, you have nothing.

Correct process to get a great architectural rendering images

Therefore, the architectural rendering images of a real estate development must, and in this order:

  1. Thrill. Increasing the initial expectation on the client
  2. Enable brain chemistry that triggers the desire.
  3. Predispose the client positively to data
  4. Help explain your project

With this order, the sale will be effective.


Traditional architectural drawing made by hand

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of people do not understand the technical drawings of an architectural project. You should facilitate understanding. Therefore, images make it easier.




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Render of a penthouse at night by GAYARRE infografia

Quality images perform this dual function: exciting and explaining. Check the images previously commissioned, do they comply this dual role? Do they not? Let me be clear: they were not effective.

Look for optimizing your resources. If necessary, commission multiple images. You will not regret, specially at the United States.