We have almost finished: the final video composition process.

There are few days, even hours for the deadline to come inexorably.

Usually you are exhausted. For many weeks you’ve been concentrating and looking forward to a thousand things. You can not deny your body need to rest. However, that moment has not yet come.

You have to finish the video composition process and finish it the best you know and you can.

Your robot works

You have already automated the reception of content, thus you have the structure so that each individual file, as part of a whole, fit into the general puzzle.

It’s time to re-enter your editing program and make the latest adjustments of the video composition process.

It is very common that, during the process, you have discovered a camera movement or a point of view that you did not imagine when doing the storyboard.You have discovered it and you will incorporate it into your movie. It’s good that these things happen.

Improvisation is not always bad.It is time to adjust everything in the video composition process.

As you have been ordered (each project you do will be more) it seems that everything fits and works in “autopilot” mode. It is not by chance.

Airplane! [1980]

At this point, you have seen the video hundreds of times. Without realizing you will be fed up and begin to see more defects than virtues.The time has come: the work is done.

In what format do I save the final video composition process?

As I told you, I recommend doing it in Apple ProRes.

There are many formats and will depend mainly on where it is to be visualized.

On this occasion, I do not think it makes sense to talk about all possible options.

The most common situation is that your work is viewed mainly on the internet. Therefore, the two most common options are to host the video on Youtube or Vimeo and, obtaining the link, insert it on your client’s website. In these links you will find the recommendations of each platform to upload your work to them.

YouTube vs Vimeo

You have to be your own cleaning service

The work of these weeks, even months, has been overwhelming.

Cleaning the floor

Yes, you had everything very organized but sometimes the urgent thing wins the important thing and that has consequences.

The first of all is that, for multiple reasons, you have started to run out of hard drive.

Video work generates a large number of files and, in addition, they are large files. You have numerous versions of the sequences, patches with names like “version1”, “finalversion”, “finalversion2” and so on.

During the development of the work, in the rush, you have not dared to do cleaning due to the fear of losing a fundamental file and now you are surrounded by a certain chaos.

My recommendation is that you do not touch anything, absolutely anything, until they have passed, at least two weeks since you delivered the work and your client gave you feedback that everything was fine.

It is very likely that you have to make some changes and if you go to do cleaning maybe you delete something and get your hair out.

So rest. Forget the project for two weeks.

Maybe a new job is waiting for you and you have to start it right away. Okay, start but do not touch anything freshly finished.

After those two weeks, the customer is less likely to want something from you. Surely it will be you who wants something from him: to pay you.

You have already rested.

Your body has slowed down and it’s time to start ordering your chaos.

There is no hurry. Do it calmly and in case of doubt never delete.

After a couple of days you will have organized your project and you will have freed up a lot of space on your hard drive.

It’s time to move the entire project to an external hard drive or, better, to a cloud storage system. Hard disks are machines and they break down. Typically, hard disks that are used to save completed projects do not switch usually switch on. Depending on their configuration, it may happen that if they have been long time off they simply do not turn on.

The set of files linked to the realization of a video composition process of a project of animation of three minutes of duration can occupy between 80Gb and 100Gb.

My recommendation is that you keep this information for two years and then you will have the final files erasing the intermediates.

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