The project is advancing on its different facets and it is time to check the progress at the final composition video.

Once we get to this point the person in charge of the final composition has to perform 4 tasks:

  • Building the composition video

  • Insertion of music

  • Titles

  • Adjustments between picture and sound

Building the composition video


If we have been ordered (it is highly recommended), we should have foreseen that the files of the sequences with the final renders, have EXACTLY the same name as the ones we used at the beginning and place them in the same location.

In this way, that first step performed in our editing program (we use Adobe Premiere) will look for the original files and will find the definitive ones. Without effort we will have our project updated.

final edition premiere

As we have already mentioned, in the development of the project, we will face the need for multiple tweaks and adjustments. If we follow this criterion when naming the files, we will always have the project updated and we will be more effective.


We are working on the creation of an audiovisual piece, audio-visual.

It’s too frequent, especially at the beginning, that people do not give importance to this fundamental part of composition video.

Really, it is thought that any music video can be worth and the choice is postponed at the last moment. It is a serious error.

We do not like to talk in terms of percentage, but if we do, I think music can be 30-40% of importance compared to 60-70% of the image part.

As it happens with other aspects of production their choice can not be based on our preferences.

editing sound related to the sequence

Always, I repeat, ALWAYS, we have to think about the final receiver of production. Not even in our direct client. We must think about our client’s client and it little matters how much we love it.

In this second composition video, it will be time to search and test.

To do this, we will search on the internet, we will download the test versions and incorporate them into our composition. We will check if it matches the rhythm and character of our production. It is not an easy and quick task. For us, finding the right music has cost us a week of intense search sometimes. Therefore, it is essential to anticipate this need so that there are no last-minute problems.

We will find free music but, frankly, my recommendation is that you do not just look for free music. The cost of a paid music in relation to the rest of the production is perfectly acceptable.


It is difficult to speak in absolute terms since there are many types of production and we will meet different needs.

We’re not talking about the same a video in which there are multiple interviewees who must be described with subtitles than a project in which several locations are shown that we need to headline.

In any case, we must have previously asked our client to provide us with the most basic data:

  • Name of the promotion
  • Name of the promoter
  • Name of the architects
  • Location
  • Marketing message
  • Our Firm

If we did not do in the first composition it is now when we should insert the titles.

This insertion must take into account several aspects related to style.


First, we should know the typography used in the brand image of the promotion. It is not usual that there is a corporate identity manual. As a consequence the property should give us clues about how the typographic image in the video should be.

The way to insert them on real image or flat backgrounds, (that usually are white or black) will have to do with the overall rhythm of the video. Whether we want to create a certain curiosity in the viewer or whether the client wants to know immediately where the project is located and how it will be called.

Unless they are famous architects, it is not usual to incorporate this data in the video. But of course, if they are and add value to the project, the developer will be happy to presume. In certain cases, it may become a determining factor for the sale.

In the end it will be our signature

If we are satisfied with the work done, we would love to be able to sign it. In short, it will become a fabulous showcase for attracting new customers. You have to insist, or even better, you shouldn’t say anything about it, you must always include your signature. But be careful that it does not acquire a higher value than the project or your client.

There will be clients who will insist that you withdraw it. You should struggle so that does not happen.

It is your creation and you have the right to have your name appear. I also tell you that, if that is going to involve a confrontation with your client, do not do it. You can always make a version for you wherever it appears. Do not suffer for it. In the end, if your work is worth it, people will be worried to know who did it and you will receive calls.

Adjustments between picture and sound

When you did the storyboard, you already determined the duration of each of the cameras. Adding all those times, you came to determine how long the video would last.

You’ve already done the set-up and everything starts to look like what you had in mind. There are no surprises but you want to make the finishing touches to the composition video that make it a unique piece where everything fits.

We are very accustomed to seeing it both in the cinema and in advertising:

Changes in the picture match changes in the music.

time line of premiere

We like these coincidences. It is the feeling that everything is in place, in order. You have to look for them and, I assure you, you will find them.

For this, you will have to give up to work done and it is hard sometimes. But please wait, explain it better to me because I do not understand. When you do your first animation you will value it, I would even say that you will overvalue each frame of your animation. You will because you know what it costs. For this reason, once a sequence is calculated, the composition will “ask you” to cut or delete and this will hurt you.

Do not suffer. It is definitely worthy. No one will wonder if a frame is missing. But please you have to make that the image and music fit to the maximum. You will not always get it and nothing happens. Do it in the key moments.

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