We have used these video production steps since 1992 and every day we are looking for new improvements.

As summary, I have created this list with my conclusions from the process.

I would ♥ to meet yours.

1. Making an animation is very different from making an image.

2. Listen to the client at the beginning … but only at the beginning

3. A client who does not know how to delegate will get a worse video

4. Animation is only possible in team

5. Without storyboard there will be no order or success

6. After the storyboard, it is essential to mark the calendar

7. More than ever, you have to model the essentials

8. You can no longer rely on Photoshop to fix it

9. Do not wait till the end to make the first pre-composition

10. Be very organized with the name of the files, you will appreciate it.

11. Spend a lot of time choosing music very well.

12. Make all the decisions thinking about the end customer

13. Music is not free

14. For 1 minute of animation you will need to calculate 1.500 images

15. Get ready to invest in hardware or cloud services

16. You have to prepare multiple cameras and different lightings

17. Calculate and recalculate times to calculate

18. Your animation has nothing to do with Pixar’s

19. You will have many more problems than making an image

20. The second pre-composition will be almost automatic

21. Post-production will help you improve and fix bugs

22. It is more effective to use video resources than to find 3D solutions

23. The sounds will help you to give the last brushstrokes

24. The goal is improve: ask and take note when you finish the video

25. To draw conclusions, let 3 weeks pass.

I hope that at least it has helped you to have an overview of our process and help you to create your own video production steps.