Tramway Zaragoza

  • Tramway at Paseo Independencia Zaragoza
  • Tramway at Roman Walls Zaragoza
  • Tramway at Parque Goya Zaragoza
  • Tramway at Actur Zaragoza

It is now one year since the Zaragoza tramway was introduced in its first phase.

In the blog you will find my personal opinion about it.

However, the reason for these lines is not a reflection on the suitability of this means of transport for the city.

In order to explain the second phase of the works to the citizens, we were commissioned to carry out various photomontages.

On this occasion, unlike the images of the first phase, the images did not feature the tram itself. People had already become accustomed to its presence in the city.

Our work in urban visualization consisted in transmitting the changes in the urban layout of the city that this second phase was going to provoke. It was not interesting to see the tram even though it was the protagonist in its passage. We were interested in transmitting the benefits of the solution in relation to the roads, green areas, bicycle lanes, etc.

Four locations were chosen: Paseo Independencia, Mercado Central, Actur and Parque Goya.

If you are interested, in the blog I describe the details of the process of implementation of these visualizations.

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