Images that create endorphins 💊 and will greatly accelerate your sales

(I insist, although it may not seem so, it is legal)

Earning money selling homes you like

Doing it without sweating blood is more to your liking

The main challenge my clients face is to sell their property development as quickly as possible.

Time is one of the crucial factors in the failure equation.

If they don’t cut it down, everything can go down the drain.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, I know, there are more factors, but I’ll help you with this one:

accelerating your client’s firm decision to buy.

Not for everyone

What I bring you is for 3 kinds of people:

1️⃣ RE Developers who want to sell their homes faster

2️⃣ RE Developers who want to sell their homes better. It is not the same thing.

3️⃣ Architects who want to look good to their RE developer clients and take on this investment.

No joke

You know what the promotional whirlwind is like and how much money is at stake.

If your theoretical marketing plan doesn’t develop as fast as you’d hoped…

…the nerves kick in. Both at home and at the office.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

I assure you that this is crucial, but you know them all too well

If you know that in order to win you have to invest, you don’t gamble by hiring images of your project for four quid…

Of course, whatever you do, you have to use your imagination, but investing properly guarantees a return with more security.

I am your legal dealer

As I said, I have the solution to accelerate your sales:

I’m an endorphin dealer 💊

The images I make with my team, unlike most, have the ability to produce endorphins in people looking for a home.

Instead of remaining impassive, after showing them cheap renders that are useless,

when you show them our images, their faces change and the next thing comes on its own.

The production of endorphins increases exponentially and the predisposition to buy increases in parallel.

This is true

I’m not saying that they sell by themselves (if they did, I would charge 100 times more for them).

but they will certainly help you sell faster and better.

You will finally enjoy the process without your salespeople having to talk more than necessary to convince with transparent words* and/or lose the sale.

*Another day I’ll tell you what these transparent words are all about.

What do they say about us?

The other day I told you how a client, before becoming a client, came 400 km to meet me. He is still one of the best today and will continue to be as he explains below.

But there is more.

They have all seen the same thing when their clients see our images:

They immediately see in their faces that the endorphin effect is immediate and the predisposition to buy their apartments is much greater.

Therefore, they repeat

Lori Dowd didn’t need to come all the way from St Louis Missouri to hire us,

but she keeps repeating because of what I was telling you before.

The following are national and also very valuable to me:

José Luis Hidalgo | CEO at Cosehisa

“We have known Juan and his company GAYARRE infografia for many years.

 These are the benefits we have obtained over time:

  1. Our brand image has improved, transmitting quality in pre-sales.
  2. Our relationship with customers in the sales process has improved, becoming more cordial and friendly.
  3. The return on investment (they are not cheap) is efficient and profitable.
  4. We close deals earlier and with less effort.

We highly recommend and enjoy working with Juan and his team and will continue to do so.”

A-cero architects | Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares

“We have been familiar with GAYARRE infografia’s architectural visualisation work for some time, when they made a video entitled ALONE of one of our projects in Marbella. It is no coincidence that this video was nominated for the CGarchitect Awards 2013.

We highlight both the quality of its images and its elegant camera movements.
The ability to show the virtues of the project with their videos, make them a tool of persuasion, a tool of seduction.

Both the property and ourselves are very satisfied with the result and we hope to continue working with them in upcoming projects”.

Francisco José Cervantes Tous | CEO Urbincasa

“In our company we have been working with Juan for years and, today, we consider him to be one of our flagship suppliers.

His work is of a quality that we have not found in the market, as it combines the technical skills of his team with the artistic vein that turns a set of renders into a short film that knows how to transmit to the end client all the sensations and experiences that their future home will bring them.

This is the recommendation that I would not want my competition to read without a doubt.

But Juan Gayarre deserves that we make public our satisfaction with them”.

Render living room and kitchen

César Frías | CEO Morph Estudio

“Architecture is often about transmitting sensations, both when you live it and when you present it. GAYARRE infografía developed the video of our Q16 project for Qhomes España, providing great image quality and a dynamic and careful editing. The rendering made with V-Ray, with very little postpro, has a great realism in the different scenarios and illuminations that we worked on.

As a differential element in the work they did, there is the editing; a very careful work that makes every moment of the video interesting. The result is a very commercial document that helped our clients to visualise what their quality of life would be like in their new homes. The project is a candy and the vision of Qhomes was decisive to obtain the final result.”

There are many more on the web but I don’t think you are the kind of person who needs to read them all.

What you will get

  • Show the project exactly how it will be without surprises by captivating your client before you explain anything.
  • The representation of the materials will be very accurate in showing how you invest on them and your customers will appreciate this.
  • At no extra cost, we will propose a very top decoration that will seduce your client by transporting them to their future home.
  • Because you sell more than just bricks, we will show the vegetation of your project as it will be in 10 years in the spring and that will drive them crazy.
  • We will illuminate your project in the most seductive hours of the day to make it super-attractive and touch the heart. It is foolproof.
  • Projects, like people, have profiles in which they are most favoured and we know how to find them so that your client will ask you if what you are selling them is really going to be that wonderful.

I would tell you more, but I don’t want to

I could tell you more and in more detail, but I won’t, and there’s a good reason for that.

When I tell you what we will do, I always leave out the best details.

I like to see your face when I hand you the finished work.

When you smile and think: “what a bastard” 😎

I get a kick out of provoking that reaction.

The way to do things better every day is the same as it was 30 years ago:

To always set the bar higher than our clients to exceed their expectations.

How we do that is a secret.


  • My real estate developer clients repeat because of the return they get. That’s just the way it is.
  • With the right marketing campaign, they have all managed to reduce the sales process by 3 to 6 months.
  • Some of them are bouncing back from previous bad experiences. They didn’t invest enough and those cheap renders were almost useless.
  • They tell me how they regret not having started with me sooner.

Don’t worry, we’ll find a solution in no time, but…

…there is something else…

…on this occasion,

in addition to the images,

I have SOMETHING ELSE for you:

360° images

If you incorporate this type of interactive images to your website,

you will get your customer:

  • Control and explore. He will be free to “move” around and inside the house and he will see that you are not hiding anything from him, which gives him a lot of confidence.
  • “Playing” with the mouse, the impacts on his brain are constant and deep. He goes from one place to another and perceives the whole in a convincing way.
  • When you see him in person, he will already know a lot about the project. He will show knowledge and will be eager for you to tell him more about the benefits of his future home.

This is my promise:

This bonus is only available if you decide to book the “endorphin images” before 3 other promoters do so and the upcoming Tuesday.

After that, no more.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the project ready to start.

I’m talking about hiring. I’m not necessarily talking about starting now.

We only do 6 projects like this a year and what I want is for us to make a medium-term commitment.

What we have to do is set a start date and certify the commission before upcoming Tuesday even if we start the work later.

Is that understood? I think so.

The most frequently asked questions are…

How many images do I need to hire you?

Don’t rush. Each project has its own values and requires different efforts to highlight them.

To define how to do it in your case, let’s talk about it.

Will they apply to me?

I told you above.

These images are for 3 kinds of people:

  1. RE developers who want to sell their homes faster.
  2. RE developers who want to sell their homes better. It is not the same thing.
  3. Architects who want to look good to their RE developer clients and take on this investment.

And it is totally inadvisable if…

  • You are looking for the cheapest possible solution to go out and sell with “something”.
  • Someone had renders done to you before but you want something better at a lower cost.

In these cases do not press the button,

don’t write to me and

don’t call me because I’m not interested.

I think it’s not enough for the price

But we haven’t even talked about money yet!

But look, leave it. Don’t call me.

I’m completely serious.

It’s not a sales pitch, don’t hire me, because if you value images as if they were courgette by weight,

you don’t have the right mindset to take a great benefit from the top images I could bring to you.

What is its price and will it go down?

We will discuss the cost after our meeting.

If we understand that the collaboration is interesting and effective for both parts, we will talk about money.

If not, no.

However, this is for sure: the price will never go down.

I don’t make any more offers, sales or anything like that.

I will tell you even more, my idea is to raise prices progressively every month, but never to lower them.

When could you start?

We do 6 such projects a year

which means that our availability

is very limited and exclusive.

We will talk about the calendar

when you tell me about the project.

Is there any kind of money-back guarantee?


As I said,

this is serious, high quality work,

and I expect the same commitment from you.

If you are afraid to hire me, don’t be.

Do I pay you when you deliver the work done?


That’s how it pays in this industry, it’s not a whim and it’s not negotiable:

10% to reserve date and close calendar

40% before starting work

50% before delivery the work done

If you have other questions, please consult the extensive

frequently asked questions section on the website.

If you prefer,

when we chat, I’ll clarify everything for you.