You are locked in a dark room.

There are no windows.

Only a door without a handle with a lock.

A trickle of light passes underneath it.

From a corner of the room’s ceiling, a loudspeaker says to you:

“You can only leave the room with a key. I can pass it to you under the door. Do you want it?”

You don’t understand anything. You are cold and frightened.
You don’t know how you got there, but it’s clear that you want to get out.

After a few seconds, in a timid voice, you say yes.

“Good choice,” says the hidden voice.

“You have two options: one of the keys might open the door, and the other one will definitely open the door.”

It doesn’t take you long to answer: I want the second one please.

“I understand. But, you know: everything in life costs money” What a fucking bitch this voice is.
Then you ask how much they cost.
As you’re not short of money, you’re closer to getting out.

“The first one is worth €2,000 and the second one is worth €30,000, which one do you want?”

Here you take a few seconds again but you choose the second one and see the key crawl under the door. You put it in the lock, feeling the door from bottom to top, walk out the door and … you wake up.

You have to minimise the risks in your business. Gambling with decisions that might work is not enough. You’ll end up spending more money on what doesn’t work, and then on what does work.

Have you ever had a similar nightmare?