…but with brains they sell.

If you feel more comfortable, call me an exaggerator.

But let’s go to the root, to the arguments of my thoughtful reflection 🙂

It doesn’t matter if it’s a flat or your new mobile phone. Be honest. Think about your last purchase.

Did you do it with your head or with your heart?

Yes, you did. Then the brain mitigates our regrets and works at full speed to validate the decision. But the decision, that last little step, is made by the heart.

However, the opposite is true if we want to sell well.

If we are guided by our heart, we are very likely to get it wrong.

You have to be objective, cold and calculating.

That’s why you have to do the (cerebral) exercise of putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Understand what they need and give it to them.

If you try to convince them with data and features, you force them to compare and you may lose out.

But, alas, if you get to their heart!

That’s where you win him over. That’s where he can’t escape.

Hence the need to create endorphins 💊.

If you make a video of your promotion, you’ll get into their heart and you won’t need to tap into their brain. The customer will justify their decision. Don’t worry about that.

Give me a fact:

What percentage of flats have you sold by appealing to the emotional and how many by appealing to the cerebral?

That’s right 🙂