❌ spend money on fantastic offices
❌ review the flats that sold yesterday
❌ check which flats are about to be sold
❌ pretending to show up close
❌ be worried
❌ sleeping badly
❌ think about themselves rather than their clients
❌ say they are doing great (even if it’s not true)

What few do:

🏆 invest money in a good presentation
🏆 think about who their ideal client is
🏆 think about what their dream home would look like
🏆 be approachable and uninterested
🏆 be relaxed but working
🏆 sleep great
🏆 think about your clients before you think about your business (or at the same time)
be realistic by thinking about what they are doing wrong.

If you are generous and smart, you put your customer where they deserve to be.

When you make that click, everything becomes easier and more natural.

And you, what kind of promoter are you, a mix?

Tell me about it. I learn a lot from professionals like you.