Getting excited about selling a house in a suburb of Bogotá is very difficult.
What I’m telling you was a no-brainer.

Where there is no bush, there is no potato.

When we have found ourselves with projects that were a chestnut and that, for more turns that we gave him to the model 3d we did not see not even a good angle (I insist, not even one), our work is complicated.

It’s like taking a photo of an ugly person. From a distance it looks less ugly. There are few other options.

But when someone is handsome, you can stand a metre away, and it will be very difficult for them to be disadvantaged.

This is what happened to us with this project.

It was so attractive that the problem was to choose the best perspectives. They were all cool.

When this happens, the client’s satisfaction is very high and so is ours.

These homes in Cambrils had everything to sell as they did.

The properties were exceptional whichever way you looked at them. Moreover, we had to bear in mind that this type of buyer is not satisfied with being shown the project in any way.

It was to our client’s credit that they trusted us. I applaud them for their decision.

Ultimately, we are aware that the environment and the project will not always be wonderful, but having a “photographer” who is sure to take the best possible angle is a guarantee of success.

Very few companies are capable of doing something like this.

And you, have you suffered when the conditions of the project were not the best to show off?

PS: In this link you can see the complete project. You will even be able to “move” in the spaces thanks to the 360 images.