What do you think if the house you are going to buy is lined with travertine?

Well, to start with, the developer has not spared a single one.

I don’t know about your city, but here in Zaragoza, hardly any houses are built using this material.

You can find some luxury single-family houses but there are very few built with this stone.

A few years ago, it was one of the star materials but it stopped being used because of its cost.
Both of the material itself and the waste in its execution. As you know it is very fragile and, in its manipulation, it is very common to lose material.

That is true.

When you name travertine, you name money.

You automatically perceive that the promoter has not skimped. You think of a developer who, when he could have used other more than worthy materials, has opted for one of the top ones.

That decision alone creates a brand, conveys value.

If you add to that contemporary architecture and exquisite execution, you find yourself with a development that attracts.

In this case, the developer, instead of boasting about these material decisions, talks about 3 universal concepts:


That was our challenge.

We had to show that this unconstructed promise was going to be real.

That is our task: to gain the customer’s trust, to make them fall in love with what they are going to be sold.

And so we did. We showed all the angles (and there were quite a few) that made this development unique. Both in the homes and, I think above all, in the communal areas.

We often come across developments without an obvious differential value and our work tries to get the best out of them, sometimes making our work better than the final construction.

This was not the case. I would say it was rather the other way around.

Under no circumstances should you make this mistake:

If you have to sell something at the highest level, renders cannot be inferior.
They have to at least match.

Otherwise, your customers won’t make up their minds first and you won’t be able to do the maths no matter how much travertine you buy.

Tell me…

Have you ever regretted having made mediocre infographics that did not help you sell as you had dreamed?

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