This is an unfortunate constant in property development.

The first one to change it will be copied by the others…

“Top quality”

“A place to live”

“Your dream flat”

“In the best location in…”

“The best investment of your life”

“With the best views”

“Swimming pool to enjoy with your family and friends”…

Shall I go on?

(another day I’ll make you an extensive compilation).

These are some of the clichés that are used in the vast majority of real estate marketing actions.

Are they lies > maybe not

Are they exaggerations? > probably yes

Do they sell? > not enough

Why do they sell?

Because they are TRANSPARENT WORDS.

We have read and heard them so many times that they no longer have any value.

We read them automatically and they produce no emotion in us.

Are they powerful? They ceased to be when you all used them ad nauseam.

And then, when you question their use, the fallacious comment comes:

“That’s just the way it’s always been done and it sells” > lie.

Maybe you sell for other reasons. For the price, for the opportunity to coincide with a demand, because you have a good track record, because it is very well constructed,…

But you don’t sell because you use those transparent words.

To use them is to lose a magnificent opportunity and it seems that nobody appreciates it.

But there is another way of doing things much more efficiently:

Use the value of words by creating a story that inspires your buyers.

And how do you do that, Juan?

We have a plan for you. You have to be brave because it will break the mould but your sales will skyrocket.

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