In the real estate sector there are two types of developers: those who screw up and those who sell like crazy. I know this because I have worked with both.

The first one, you can see it coming from afar. He promises whatever it takes to reduce the cost of other people’s work. He sees it that way.

He has no scruples. He wants to get rich and disappear.

He has no intention of repeating himself, but usually disappears because he makes the same mistakes, is not so “lucky” and his greed leads him to ruin.

At the other extreme, there is the person who bases his business on the development of a company without being short-sighted.

And, curiously, you can also see it coming. He understands the work of his employees as an investment and not as an expense.

If he doesn’t earn everything he planned on the first try, it hurts him, but he accepts it. That possibility was part of his plans.

As he is looking for continuity, customer service is a priority. Cultivating a good experience with him is the basis for continuing the business.

And, as he has a good head and good relationships, he always ends up getting ahead.

You have to know how to choose your clients very well and not think that you only have to be chosen.

Not everyone is your client, but neither are you the solution for everyone.

Without naming names, have you had clients of both types?