Over the years, I have come across various types of promoters.
There are those who are good people and those who are not so good.
I would like to say that only the former do well… but they don’t. I don’t know how they do it, but some of them continue to succeed even if they do badly.
I don’t know how they do it, but some of them continue to succeed even if they do it badly.
I wish them luck but there is another, safer way.

There is one factor that sets the real estate sector apart from others:

The sale is not recurrent.

It is not usual to sell more than one property to the same person and that “seems” to have advantages that,
in reality, are mistakes:

❌ You do not have to build customer loyalty

❌ You can sell and forget about it

❌ You can create dissatisfied customers. You don’t care because they won’t repeat.

It is true that promotion is burdensome. You must succeed by meeting deadlines for the operation to be profitable. But the most irretrievable mistake is to be short-sighted in your results.

The world is full of “one-promotion” promoters who went bankrupt the second time around.

You can be successful in one promotion, but if you don’t work on your brand, your way of doing things, your way of selling, your after-sales service, your customer-friendliness, you are doomed to fail in the next one.

Normally, promotions are local and, there, word of mouth is crucial.

If you get unsatisfied customers, they will speak ill of you and it will do you a lot of harm.

If your brand does not transmit confidence, if your way of selling is not close enough, if you do not invest in a quality presentation and/or you do not treat them properly in the post-sale, the next ones will not buy from you.

This is the way it is, full stop.

That is why you have to be a “good person”, that is, a professional committed to your future career.

With an effort that others do not make, you have more guarantees of continuing with your business.
You will earn less in the first but more in the following ones.

The ball of prestige will get bigger playing in your favour.

Nobody does promotions by getting it right the first time.
Training and getting advice from people who have been helping you for years will give you a better chance of success.

Beyond theory, take action with a generous attitude towards your client.

You invest in yourself, in your own future.

It’s the real world and you deal with people who have memories.

Honestly, which profile do you most identify with?