Your presence is very important.

Yes, I know, other things are also important, but you give importance to this one.

I’m sure you don’t go to a flea market.

Maybe you visit a department store, but what you like is to go to that tailor who knows what suits you.

Besides, being seen in that shop is a turn-on for you.

If first impressions are important to you, I think you should extrapolate this decision to the presentations of your promotions.

You shouldn’t go for the cheapest. Your promotion could look like a “tacky bowling alley”.

Nor should you go to a department store and pick out what everyone else is wearing. Your promotion won’t stand out like you want it to.

We are your bespoke tailor. You know what you need and the price is not the most important thing to decide.

When you enter GAYARRE infografia you appreciate the differences.

We treat you like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (the second time in the shop).

We take the measurements of your project.

We ask you about your preferences and, with all that, we get into the sewing workshop.

After a while (remember we are not a department store where you pick up a hanger, pay and leave) we will deliver what you were looking for.

You will go out to the sale very sure of yourself. You will have to take many other aspects into account to make the sale go through, but the first impression is guaranteed.

That’s why when you see your competitors’ presentations you think:

“That’s a GI suit. You can tell”.

If you’re fed up with not making a good first impression, come and we’ll measure you up and make you the most elegant and confident of all the RE Developers you know.