You are obliged to kill your promotion

You have to be their killer

The real estate business bases its results on one determining factor: time.

It’s hard to find land at a good price > lack of time

Negotiations to get the land take a long time > lack of time.

Architects need > time to do the project > time

Getting the licence takes > time

And suddenly, when you have achieved all of the above, it seems like the end of the world.

You have to run at least as fast as Usain Bolt.

Your financing costs drown you > you have time left over.

Your clients are not interested in your project > there’s time left over

In the end, you manage to show it to them but they can’t make up their minds > tick-tock

You start sleeping badly because you’re running out of … that’s right, time!

Moreover, you have no control over most of these procedures and the situation becomes very overwhelming.

But, there is one aspect that you CAN act on:

Your presentation

If you understand that to speed up the process you need to invest in a quality one:

You will generate interest in your project.
It will be easier and friendlier to convince your customer to buy.
You will activate word of mouth even from those who don’t buy.
Your brand will grow in prestige and, all together, you will gain …

…time and, consequently, money.

Do this to kick-start your sales.

This is the only way to kill your promotion.

So take the gun, but not to shoot yourself. I will be your necessary accomplice.