Although another day I will talk about my adventures filming with my great collaborator David Luque, today I want to tell you about two adventures that I am sure I would not repeat now.

The first one was filming from a helicopter.

As I said, at that time (around 2010) the only way to record from the air was to do it with a helicopter. I wish they had arrived a little earlier!

In addition to the helicopter, it was necessary for it to have a camera attached to its fuselage.

At that time, flying such an aircraft cost €6,000 an hour.

With the recording made (you can see the video below) we made our first “dabbling” in fusing real and infographic images in movement (the technique called “camera tracking”).

The other one, on second thought, I think was more dangerous.

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The shots were spectacular but I shouldn’t have gone up there.

It’s funny how those of us who are dedicated to these things do whatever it takes to make the production look as good as possible. We don’t care if it’s just a few seconds in the final production. You can see it in the link in the first comment,

Have you ever found yourself in dangerous situations because you are a professional?