When your clients enter your office, they do so with enthusiasm but also with fear.

They are little lambs and your welcoming smile gives them respect.

You perceive an unbalanced power situation.

They “have” the money and you have the flat. They are going to enslave themselves for life so that you can get rich.

Yes, I know. Your margins are getting smaller and smaller, but they see it that way and you have to understand that.

If I ask you, developer, I’m convinced that you see yourself more as a lion.

You like to be territorial and aggressive and look for opportunities but you don’t plan to devour them.

Empathy. You have to put yourself in their shoes.

Understand that situation and balance it, it’s your obligation. Not so that the Promoters Association becomes an NGO and you get the Nobel Prize for Friendship.

You have to do it because it is in your interest.

If they see that you care about them from minute 1, you balance the situation.

If you approach them in a friendly, natural and generous way, it will improve your image and your brand.

This is just an example, but if instead of showing them the project with “just enough” images, you sit them in a comfortable chair, turn off the lights and press “play” on a quality video, the whole process will develop as I am telling you and, in addition, it will be much easier to close the sale sooner and better.

Wouldn’t you rather be perceived more like a panda bear?

Honestly, what do you do to balance this situation?