Your client’s brain is the impregnable fortress.

You have built a huge, beautiful horse and put it in front of the fortress.

The surprised client opens his brain and allows your horse to enter.

He closes his fortress and you wait, rubbing your hands together, for the plan to run its course…


Nothing happens.

“But why? I had the horse made. It wasn’t cheap.”

The horse didn’t work. Your strategy didn’t work.

You forgot a fundamental detail:

The horse had no warriors inside it.
Rather than a Trojan horse, it was a Trojan horse.

There was not the surprise needed to “beat” your client’s brain.

“But why?” you will ask again.

Because that horse…

…had no endorphins 💊 inside him.

The horse managed to open its mind but it was empty of this substance capable of opening its heart.

If you hire normal infographics for your project,

don’t be surprised if they don’t provoke the expected reaction.

They may be descriptive and even beautiful, but if they don’t have what it takes, your investment is worthless,

your investment will have been for nothing.

If you don’t want to pay again for empty horses, send me a private message or an email to :
The horse will be very attractive but it will also be full of endorphins that will accelerate the sale of your flats.