In Spain, 2% of the population is deaf or hearing impaired.

In the world the percentage rises to 5% and by 2050 it will reach 10%.

The rest hear more or less well, although sometimes they do not hear at all.

The percentage of those who do not hear is surely much higher. But that is another matter.

What I am talking about is auditory perception.

It is one of the 5 senses that most of us perceive.

Which of the 5 is more important?

Well, it’s relative. Some people get things more through their eyes and others are very sensitive to smells.

In architectural visualisation, the visual is the most important.

The second factor is the auditory. That’s why we talk about audio-visuals.

Well then.

Another day I will talk about sound effects. Today I want to focus on music.

And here we encounter a very common problem:

Many companies don’t seem to give importance to what you hear when they show their project.

They give the impression that anything goes, and that is a monumental mistake.

They are content to play the first jingle they find with the label “commercial”.

Maybe you haven’t noticed but 90% of real estate audiovisuals use them.

It reminds me of the soundtrack of trade fairs.

Each stand with its own “catchy” music.

I’m sorry. Well, no way! NO SORRY, using that resource is a waste of opportunity.

Here we are again with the same false belief:

Since everyone else is using it, so am I. We invest about 2-3 days in it.

We spend about 2-3 days progressively choosing the soundtrack that best suits the video. First we listen to hundreds (I’m not exaggerating) of options. Then we choose 10 and we edit the sequences. In the end we come up with a winner.

This process is not about “looking good”. It looks for something more.
It seeks to make the buyer’s experience as pleasant as possible with a single objective:

To inspire, entice and buy.

I guarantee you that using a commercial jingle does not achieve that effect. Quite the opposite.

Trust the companies that sublimate this aspect of audiovisuals.

It has much more impact than it seems. And it will help a lot in your main objective: to sell.

I suggest you do this exercise.

Visit websites of RE Developers, both big and small.

After looking at a few of them, tell me if, closing your eyes, they all look the same to you or not.

That’s it.